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Suzaku News #012: Cycle 1 Reviewer Request

US-based researchers,

Suzaku Cycle 1 is now closed.  At NASA, we have received 164 proposals
with an oversubscription factor of about 4.3, although these numbers
are preliminary.

Now we need your help.  The proposal review is scheduled for Mar 2 & 3
in Greenbelt, MD.  If you are willing and able to participate as a
reviewer, please contact peer_review@olegacy.gsfc.nasa.gov with your name,
affiliation, and area(s) of expertise.  Because of the need to avoid
conflicts, we cannot necessarily use all the volunteers, which means
we need even more volunteers to be able to organize the review.

Thanking you in advance,

				Koji Mukai
			for the Suzaku GOF

A service of the U.S. Suzaku Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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