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Suzaku News #020: Updated XIS Blank Sky Background Files for AO-2

Prospective Suzaku Proposers,

On Nov 17, the XIS team provided revised versions of the blank
sky background spectra for the 3 FI XIS instruments.  The earlier
versions contained the summed data as well as summed exposure times.
Therefore, the count rates in these files were the average of
the 3 FI instruments.  This is inconsistent with the ARF files,
which contain the sum of effective areas of the 3 FI XISs.

The new versions are different in that the exposure times have been
divided by 3 (the number of instruments summed).  Therefore, they
now contain the summed count rates, consistent with the ARFs.

Revised versions are available via:


Suzaku proposals are due on Dec 1 at 16:30 EST, less than two weeks
from now.

A service of the U.S. Suzaku Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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