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Suzaku News #049: PASJ/HXD/e-mail

May 21, 2008

In this message:

[1] Third Suzaku special issue of PASJ
[2] Corrections to HXD documentation
[3] The new Suzakunews exploder

[1] Third Suzaku special issue of PASJ

May 5, 2008
Dear colleagues and guest observers(GO's) of Suzaku

We are pleased to report that Suzaku is being successfully operated in the
AO-3 phase now. As was seen in the Suzaku symposium at San Diego last December,
Suzaku is producing various exciting results. In order to summarize the Suzaku
results, we are going to arrange the third Suzaku special issue of PASJ.  It is
helpful for readers to find all papers based on Suzaku observations in a single
issue. Our plan is 

Submission due by the end of July 2008
To be accepted by the end of October 2008
To be published in January 2009

Of these, the second deadline - acceptance by the end of October - is
the essential one, and the submission deadline is our estimate for the
typical case.  It may be possible to include some papers submitted later
in the special issue, if the refereeing process goes smoothly, while
submitting a paper by the July deadline does not guarantee that it will
be accepted in time to be included in the special issue.

We would like to ask authors who already submitted papers to PASJ to join to
this special issue. Though you might have to wait for the real printing next
year, submission to Astro-Ph is helpful to circulate earlier in the community.
Fortunately, some authors have agreed to join to the third special issue.
Following is the list of  papers to be involved in the issue.

"Time Variability of the Neutral Iron Lines from the Sgr B2
   Region and Implication of a Past Outburst of Sgr A*"
by Tatsuya Inui, Katsuji Koyama, Hironori Matsumoto, and Takeshi Go Tsuru

"Spatial Distribution of the Galactic Diffuse X-Rays
 and the Spectra of the Brightest 6.4 keV Clumps"
by Katsuji Koyama, Yojiro Takikawa, Yoshiaki Hyodo, Tatsuya Inui,
  Masayoshi Nobukawa, Hironori Matsumoto, and Takeshi Go Tsuru

"Constraint of Non-Thermal X-ray Emission
 from On-going Merger Cluster Abel 3376 with Suzaku"
by Naomi Kawano, Yasushi Fukazawa, Sho Nishino, Kazuhiro Nakazawa,
 Takao Kitaguchi, Kazuo Makishima, Tadayuki Takahashi,
 Motohide Kokubun, Naomi Ota, Takaya Ohashi, Naoki Isobe,
 Patrick Henry, and Ann Hornschemeier

"X-Ray Observations of the Sagittarius D HII Region
 toward the Galactic Center with Suzaku"
by Makoto Sawada, Masahiro Tsujimoto, Katsuji Koyama,
    Casey J. Law, Takeshi Go Tsuru, and Yoshiaki Hyodo

"Suzaku Observation of Group of Galaxies NGC 507:
  Temperature and Metal Distributions in the Intra-cluster Medium"
by Kosuke Sato, Kyoko Matsushita, Yoshitaka Ishisaki,
    Noriko Y. Yamasaki, Manabu Ishida, and Takaya Ohashi

Since April 2006, all data are given to guest observers selected through
the world wide proposal system, most of new and exciting results are in
their hands.  We would like to ask guest observers to submit papers to
the PASJ special issue.  At the same time, there already are many data
in the public archive.  Please circulate this notice in your community
and ask your friends to join us, if they are working on the Suzaku data.

If you have any plan of paper submission by July, please send the title
and authors  to Suzaku managers now.


							With best wishes,

							Hideyo Kunieda
							Rob Petre


[2] Corrections to HXD documentation

(a) Incorrect hidden parameter in hxdgrade

Two documentations in Japan ("7 steps" guide at ISAS and "first step
manual" available from the Japanese Suzaku help desk) incorrectly specified
in running hxdgrade, as part of reprocessing of GSO data.  This is
a hidden parameter with the default value of 2.1, which is correct.
Thus users should run hxdgrade WITHOUT specifying this parameter (as is
the case with the "ABC Guide") or with
All affected documents have been corrected.

(b) The use of V1.2 bgd_d files for HXD/PIN analysis

There are two periods during which the current V2 non X-ray background
files are known to show ~10% systematic offset.  These are:

* Before 2005 September 1, when the HXD was in the initial operation phase.
* 2006 March 23 - 2006 May 13, during which some GSO parameters were changed.

The HXD team recommends the use of V1.2 "bgd_d" files for these period,
as already documented.  Please note that these files need to be dead-time
corrected (the same as observation data files), unlike background model
files produced using other methods.

Otherwise, these V1.2 "bgd_d" files are compatible with V2 observation data.


[3] The new suzakunews exploder

We have moved "suzakunews" exploder to a new server.  Despite our repeated
requests, many subscribers on the old list have not subscribed themselves
to the new list.  While we expect some of the lost subscribers are due
to people who left astronomy and to old addresses that no longer work,
it is quite possible that this message is failing to reach many Suzaku

If you find colleagues who are involved in the Suzaku mission in any
way but did not receive message, please point them to 


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