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Suzaku News #056: Updated Technical Description and Proposer Tools

7 November, 2008

Updated Technical Description and Proposer Tools

A new version of Suzaku Technical Description document, suitable
for Cycle 4 proposers, has been released in HTML, PDF, and PostScript
formats.  They are accessible at

  http://suzaku.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/suzaku/aehp_prop_tools.html  (US)
  http://www.astro.isas.jaxa.jp/suzaku/proposal/ao4/            (Japan)

In addition, response matrices and background files suitable for
simulation purposes, with explanations, are also available via the
above pages.  Also provided are links to tools, including WebPIMMS
and WebSpec which have been updated with the new responses.

Cycle 4 proposal deadline of Dec 5, 2008 is less than a month away.
This deadline applies both to regular proposals as well as Key Project