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Suzaku News #079: Suzaku AO-8, Senior Review & Suzaku-MAXI 2014



[1] Suzaku AO-9 proposals due on November 13
[2] Request for volunteers for US peer review
[3] Request for help for the Senior Review proposal
[4] Suzaku-MAXI 2014 reminder


[1] Suzaku AO-9 proposals due on November 13

The deadline for Suzaku AO-9 proposals is on November 13, 2013.

The GOF page http://suzaku.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/suzaku/aehp_prop_tools.html
has now been fully updated with the Cycle 9 version of the Technical
Description and proposal preparation tools.  We apologize for the delay
in completing these updates, a large part of which was, however, beyond
our control.

Note that Key Projects (programs requiring up to 2 Ms of observing time) are
once again allowed and can be submitted either to NASA or to JAXA, depending
on the affiliation of the PI.  Regular proposals can be submitted to NASA,
JAXA, or ESA, as appropriate.

[2] Request for volunteers for US peer review

If you are a US-based researcher with a PhD and are interested in serving on
the US peer-review panel, please e-mail peer_review@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov .
Even though we cannot always use volunteers for peer-reviews due, e.g., to
institutional conflict of interest issues, it helps to have a wide pool of
potential reviewers.

[3] Request for help for the Senior Review proposal

The Suzaku GOF is preparing a Senior Review proposal for the continued US
participation in the mission.  Please e-mail Koji.Mukai@nasa.gov if you
have potentially high profile results based on Suzaku data, especially
those that are not yet published.  We are also interested in hearing about
any Suzaku related press releases, and PhD theses based (at least in part)
on Suzaku data analysis.

[4] Suzaku-MAXI 2014 reminder

As has previously been announced, the Suzaku project is co-sponsoring
"Expanding the Frontiers of the X-ray Universe" conference (Suzaku-MAXI
2014) in Matsuyama, Japan, February 19-22
Abstracts are due on December 2, 2013, and the hotel reservation and
registration deadline is on January 17, 2014.