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Swift Cycle 2 GI Program: NOI Deadline May 13

Swift Cycle 2 GI Program: Notices of Intent due May 13

Dear Colleague,

The Swift satellite is now in its normal operations phase, and funding
from Swift Cycle 1 has begun to flow to successful guest investigators.
It is now time for interested investigators to begin planning for Swift
Cycle 2. The Swift Cycle 2 funding period is expected to commence on or
about March 1, 2006 and last for one year.

The Swift GI program is open to scientists at US institutions, and is
intended to provide funding to carry out investigations using Swift
data, conduct correlative observations at other wavelengths and carry
out theoretical investigations in support of Swift observations.

Notices of Intent are due this Friday, May 13, 2005, and must be
submitted through the new NASA NSPIRES proposal submission system
(http://nspires.nasaprs.com/external/). The NSPIRES system replaces
the SYS-EYFUS system. PIs must register with NSPIRES via the link
above. In addition, the institution you are affiliated with will be
asked to confirm your registration. Because there is often long
turn-around time, it is best to register with NSPIRES early. NOTE:
while Notices of Intent are not required, we strongly recommend you try
to submit an NOI through NSPIRES if you plan to submit a Swift Cycle 2
GI proposal. This will assure that you are registered correctly in the
NSPIRES system in plenty of time for the Swift Cycle 2 proposal deadline.
For NOI  submission, only the PI and not the institution, need register
with NSPIRES to submit.

Deadline for Swift Cycle 2 proposals is July 8, 2005. The proposal
review will take place in the Fall 2005, with results announced around
the end of the year.

Details of the Swift GI program, as well as planning tools, and links to
abstracts of winning proposals may be found from the "Proposals and
Tools" button on the Swift Web site at http://swift.gsfc.nasa.gov/. If
you have questions of a technical nature, contact Padi Boyd through the
Swift Science Center (swifthelp.at.athena.gsfc.nasa.gov). Programmatic
questions should be referred to Rick Harnden at NASA Headquarters

Best Regards,

Padi Boyd
Swift Science Center
A service of the Swift Science Center, NASA/GSFC

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