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Swift Cycle 3 in San Francisco!

Calling All Reviewers!!!

The Peer Review for Swift Cycle 3 proposals will take place in
San Francisco, CA immediately prior to the AAS-HEAD meeting.  All
qualified PhD astrophysicists are encouraged to volunteer as a peer
reviewer for this event.  If you are an expert in multiwavelength
astronomy,  gamma ray burst and/or afterglow theory and observation,
please consider being a Swift reviewer.

In particular, if you are planning to attend the HEAD meeting, then
participating in the Swift peer review may reduce your travel costs
to the meeting. (See below.)

We expect to have 4 panels:

1. new Swift GRB projects;
2. ground-based follow-up of Swift bursts;
3. theoretical investigations;
4. NEW!  limited non-GRB target of opportunity observations.

Due to the additional category of non-GRB TOO proposals, we will
need reviewers with a variety of backgrounds, such as galactic
transients, supernovae, blazars, etc., in addition to reviewers from
the GRB and afterglow communities.

The benefits to you:

* a few (extra) days in San Francisco (arrive Oct 1, review: Oct 2-3)
* honorarium for review days
* reimbursed airfare to San Francisco. Note, if your ticket price is higher
with a return date after the HEAD meeting than it would be if you
were returning October 4th, you will be responsible for paying the
price difference.
* the ability to play a role in shaping the science program for Swift

To be considered as a Swift cycle 3 reviewer, please send:

* Your name

* Contact info (where to mail proposals, where to email and call you
    between August 1 and October 1, 2006)

* Subject areas of expertise

to peer_review@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov and we will add you to the
pool of potential reviewers.

Sending your information does NOT mean you will be automatically
placed on a review panel. We must first review and evaluate the
number and types of proposals received before assigning reviewers
to panels.

More information about Swift Cycle 3 can be found in the ROSES-2006
call for proposals, which is available from the Swift Web site at:


Questions or comments about the review should be directed to Swift
Science Center Lead Padi Boyd at Patricia.T.Boyd@nasa.gov.

A service of the Swift Science Center, NASA/GSFC

Please do not reply to this email.
Questions or comments should go to: