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Swift News #030: Swift Peer Reviewer Request

October 18, 2009

Swift Cycle 6 Volunteer Peer Reviewer Request

The NASA Swift Guest Investigator Program is looking for volunteer Swift 
Cycle 6 Peer Reviewers.

A review by competent peers benefits the entire science community by 
ensuring that the programs carried out and the science return for Swift 
are of the highest quality. We would like to appeal to you to support 
this system and contribute to the common good by serving as a Peer Reviewer.

The Review will take place at the Baltimore Inner Harbor from December 
2-4, 2009. Reviewers must have a PhD at the time of the peer review. To 
be considered as a Reviewer for Swift Cycle 6, please send an email with 

- name,
- affiliation, and
- area of expertise


Questions about the review should be directed to the Swift Guest 
Investigator Program Lead, Stefan Immler, at "stefan.immler@nasa.gov".