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GSFC XMM GOF Status Report #014: Forward of SOC bulletin re AO-1 results

XMM Status Report #14
07 September 1999


1) Forward of XMM SOC e-mail bulletin


1) Forward of XMM SOC e-mail bulletin

Dear colleagues,

This is a short notice to those of you who have submitted an XMM AO-1
observing proposal.

Due to the large number of proposals received and the time required 
to process and carefully review these, the notice to be sent out to the 
PIs about the outcome of the review has, unfortunately, been delayed.

The outcome of the OTAC meetings, which will be held in the timeframe
September/October 1999, will now be made known to the PIs some time in
November (the exact date is not yet known).

We apologize for this delay and kindly ask you to bear with us.

Best regards,

Michael Dahlem
XMM User Support

on behalf of Fred Jansen, XMM Project Scientist