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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #041: Optical-Monitor Tools

Ilana Harrus of the U.S. XMM-Newton GOF has created a script (AddOM)
to aid in the analysis of XMM-Newton Optical-Monitor (OM) data.


This package contains Solaris, Alpha and Linux versions for the
process OM code.

This code was written in order to simplify the task of GOs in getting
their OM data into an easy to use format.

The code works on the Pipeline products files and produces one file
for each filter and each mode (low resolution or high resolution).  In
addition, the code reads the exposure maps associated with the files
and produces one exposure map for each filter and each mode.

The code, and further information can be retrieved at:


  Michael Arida for the U.S. XMM-Newton GOF