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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #048: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #18

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_/                 XMM-NEWTON NEWS #18   ---    12-Nov-2001                 _/
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                ESA, XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
            Villafranca del Castillo, Satellite Tracking Station
                P.O. Box - Apdo. 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain


SOC Home Page:           http://xmm.vilspa.esa.es/
Helpdesk web interface:  http://xmm.vilspa.esa.es/xmmhelp
Helpdesk email address:  xmmhelp@xmm.vilspa.esa.es
News Mailing List:       http://xmm.vilspa.esa.es/news/xmm_news_signup.html


            - Conference programme timeline available !!
            - AO-2: statistics about submitted proposals
            - Public data
            - CD delivery
            - SciSim 3.0.0 released
Dear Colleagues,

Conference programme timeline available !!

The (final) timeline for the full program of the "New Visions of the
X-Ray Universe in the XMM-Newton and Chandra era" symposium is available
on-line at:


Please check the program and let the conference organisers
( mgw@star.le.ac.uk and confburo@esa.int ) know if there are
any errors left. The program has to go to the printer on Wednesday
Nov. 14 and we will try to accommodate any (preferably minor) changes
in the program up to that time.

The currently available version of the program has allocated an
identification number to all poster papers. This ID number
will also be used for identification during the poster display

AO-2: statistics about submitted proposals

The XMM-Newton Second Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2) was closed on
26-Oct-2001. In total 870 proposals were successfully submitted via the
XMM-Newton Remote Proposal System requesting 112583 ksec of science time.
This figure corresponds to an over subscription factor of about 9.5, which
is significantly higher than the value of 8 that was reached for AO-1.

SOC received proposals from 607 different Principal Investigators (PIs)
from 23 countries, mostly ESA member states, the United States and Japan.
The number of countries increases to 36 if Co-Investigators are taken into
account as well.

We thank all the PIs and CoIs for their strong interest in XMM-Newton
observing time and wish you good luck with the OTAC evaluation of your

Public data

SOC is constantly increasing the number of public data sets from the
XMM-Newton Performance Verification and Calibration phases.
An updated list of these public observations is available from:


CD delivery

XMM-Newton PIs are automatically informed via e-mail whenever Observation
Data Files (ODF) as well as Pipeline Products (PPS) as derived from the ODF
by the Survey Science Centre (SSC) for one of his/her observations is in
the process of being shipped to the PI in the form of CD-ROM(s).

Normally the CD-ROM(s) should arrive after 4 weeks the latest, depending on
the postal services involved.

If a PI does not receive the announced CD-ROM(s) he/she should contact the
SOC via e-mail to xmmpi@xmm.vilspa.esa.es and inform us about the missing
CD(s) specifying the observation ID in the e-mail's Subject.
A new CD will be created and shipped.

PIs can also investigate the status of the ODF creation, PPS production
and CD-ROM delivery from the XMM-Newton Observation Status Log web page
available at:


SciSim 3.0.0 released

SciSim 3.0.0 is available for download.

Binaries are available for the following platforms:
     Compaq Alpha Tru64 Unix (also known as Digital Unix)
     i386 PC RedHat 6.2
     i386 PC RedHat 7.1
     i386 PC SuSE 7.0
     Sun Sparc Solaris 2.6
     Sun Sparc Solaris 2.7

Main stream changes w.r.t. SciSim 2.0.9 are:
     * Port to Tru64,
     * Improved Graphical User Interface,
     * Re-implementation of ODF converters,
     * Additional ODF tools like S/C Attitude creator and sky-sources in
       ODF format,
     * Platform independent binary data

You can find the software as well as additional information at:


With best regards,

The XMM-Newton SOC

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