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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #083: U.S. Users Group Meeting


There will be a meeting of the US Users Group for XMM-Newton 
on Wednesday, January 21 at GSFC. The current members of the 
US Users Group are:
  Megan Donahue, Michael Eracleous, Richard Griffiths (chair),
  Richard Mushotzky (US Project Scientist), Wilton Sanders,
  Rita Sambruna, Patrick Slane, and Fred Walter.

You are invited to send concerns and comments about any aspect of
XMM-Newton observation support, calibration, or data analysis
to the chair by Jan. 19 (griffith@astro.phys.cmu.edu).
Comments relating to the GOF at GSFC will be especially noted.

Minutes of previous meetings of the US Users Group can be found at:


Minutes of the full XMM-Newton Users Group (ESA meetings) can be
found at:



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