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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #103: "The X-ray Universe 2005" second announcement

_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/           *  S E C O N D   A N N O U N C E M E N T *           _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                   "The X-ray Universe 2005"                    _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                   El Escorial, Madrid, Spain                   _/
_/                      26-30 September 2005                      _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                        Organized by the                        _/
_/             European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)             _/
_/                             of the                             _/
_/                  European Space Agency (ESA)                   _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/

The XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre is organizing a major
astrophysical symposium from Monday, 26th. to Friday, 30th. of
September 2005 in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a small town in the
mountains some 50 kilometers northwest of Madrid. San Lorenzo is
the most visitied historic centre in Spain.

The main focus of the meeting will be on high-energy astrophysics.

(Note: A serendipitous highlight for travellers, just after the
       meeting, will be the Annular Solar Eclipse which takes place
       on 3rd of October, with Madrid lying almost on the central
       line. Further details can be found at:


                            * CONTACT *

Conference web page: http://www.congrex.nl/05a11/

ESA Conference Bureau
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 565 5005
Fax: +31 71 565 5659
E-mail: Esa.Conference.Bureau@esa.int



Mike Watson (Chair), Leicester Univ., UK
Norbert Schartel (Vice-chair), ESAC Madrid, E
Monique Arnaud, CEA Saclay, F
Xavier Barcons, IFCA Santander, E
Giuseppina Fabbiano, CfA Cambridge, USA
Andrew Fabian, IoA Cambridge, UK
Paolo Giommi, ASI Roma, I
Manuel Guedel, PSI Villingen, CH
Guenther Hasinger, MPE Garching, D
John P. Hughes, Rutgers Univ., USA
Hideyo Kunieda, ISAS/JAXA, J
Michiel van der Klis, Amsterdam Univ., NL
Nick White, NASA-GSFC, USA


Michelle Arpizou, Bruno Altieri, Matthias Ehle (Chair), Carlos
Gabriel, Matteo Guainazzi, Marcus Kirsch, Nora Loiseau, Leo
Metcalfe, Andy Pollock, Richard Saxton, Laura Tomas



The XMM-Newton and Chandra space observatories have now been
operating for half a decade and are continuing to provide superb
data which is changing our view of almost every aspect of the
Universe at high energies. In the near future the launch of Astro
E-2 will provide enhanced capabilities for high resolution
spectroscopy, and Swift recently joined HETE-2 in making detailed
studies of gamma-ray bursts. Significant new insights are also
emerging from Integral's view of the sky at hard X-ray and gamma-
ray energies.

With this backdrop the "The X-ray Universe 2005" symposium is
intended to encompass a broad range of high energy astrophysics
topics, to provide a showcase for results and discoveries from
current and near-future missions and a forum for the discussion of
astrophysical themes with a high-energy connection.


                     * VENUE OF THE SYMPOSIUM *

The conference will be held at the "Euroforum" Conference Centre in
El Escorial,

Euroforum Escorial
Calle del Rey, 38
San Lorenzo de El Escorial
28200 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 896 7000
Fax: +34 91 896 7070

http://www.euroforum.es  (Please note that this website is only
                          in Spanish)

The municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is located close to
Madrid at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. The
town has a beautiful historic centre which was declared as Artistic
Historical Monument in 1971 and UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.
El Escorial offers visitors a wide range of opportunities for both
tourism and relaxation in superb surroundings.


                     * PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME *

The programme will consist of about 15 invited talks and some 100
contributed talks, partly organized in parallel sessions. Ample
time will be allocated for discussions and for viewing posters.
This announcement solicits abstracts for the contributed talks and
posters. The final programme will be given in following

The Symposium is scheduled to last for 5 days and will embrace the
wide range of astrophysics in which XMM-Newton, Chandra and other
missions are making important advances.

Session topics will include, but are not limited to:

  * Stars, star-forming regions, planetary & cometary studies
  * Interacting binary systems, magnetars, isolated neutron stars
    & pulsars
  * SNRs, the ISM & diffuse Galactic emission
  * Galaxies, galaxy surveys & population studies
  * Active galaxies
  * Clusters of galaxies & the IGM
  * Extragalactic surveys & population studies;
    the cosmic X-ray background
  * Gamma-ray bursts and afterglows

Specialist workshops are also planned to be incorporated in the

  * Instrument calibration issues for high-energy astrophysics
  * Community support for XMM-Newton users


                       * CALENDAR OF EVENTS *

   31 May 2005: Deadline for registration and abstract submission

  end Jun 2005: Definitive invited programme.
                Authors of contributed talks and posters will be

  mid Aug 2005: 3rd announcement, with final programme, lists of
                posters and talks, and more logistical information

26-30 Sep 2005: Symposium



Papers for presentation will be selected on the basis of half a
page abstracts with a maximum of 1500 characters. Papers will be
selected on the basis of:

 * general interest
 * quality of the content
 * originality of the ideas presented.

Abstracts should be submitted via an online-submission form
available at


Authors will be notified of the decision of the Scientific
Organizing Committee (SOC) by the end of June 2005. Authors whose
papers or posters have been accepted will then receive further
instructions and informations on presentation facilities available
at the Conference Centre.

Accepted abstracts will be included in an Abstracts Book, to be
circulated at the start of the Symposium.

The Proceedings of the Symposium will be published by the ESA
publications division within about three months of the meeting.
A LaTeX template for the papers will be made available to authors
of accepted talks and posters. A copy of the Proceedings will be
sent to each participant.


                       * HOTEL INFORMATION *

The Euroforum Conference Centre in El Escorial will not only be the
location for the Symposium including lunch and coffee breaks but
also offers convenient accommodation in 212 rooms in total (30 of
them being twin rooms). Rooms can easily be booked through the
Conference Bureau when registering for the Symposium.

Contact details are:

Calle del Rey, 38
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
Tel: +34 91 896 7000
Fax: +34 91 896 7070
Web: www.euroforum.es
The daily accommodation rate including breakfast (excl. 7% tax) is:
Single room:                        95 Euros
Twin room (occupied by 2 persons): 131 Euros


                            * LUNCHES *

Lunches will be served at Euroforum on all days of the Symposium
and are included in the registration fee. If participants need a
special diet, they should let us know when checking in at the
conference desk.


                         * SOCIAL EVENTS *

There will be a Welcome Cocktail for the participants on the
evening of Sunday, the 25th. of September, in the Euroforum.

A Conference Dinner is planned for Thursday the 29th. of September
in the evening. Please let us know if you would like to participate
in this event when registering. Expected costs will be around 40
Euro. Further information will be provided in future announcements
and on the Symposium Web page.



Please submit the registration form and/or abstract in order to
register for the Symposium before the 31st. of May, 2005.

Web forms are available at: http://www.congrex.nl/05a11/

A registration fee of 280 Euro is asked and includes

 * Welcome Cocktail
 * Conference kit and abstract booklet
 * All lunches and coffee breaks during the Symposium
 * Use of the Euroforum conference rooms and facilities
 * Internet access
 * Conference Proceedings

For late registrations, after the 31st. of May, the fee will be
330 Euro.


                         * TRAVEL GRANTS *

A limited amount of financial support will be provided to cover
costs of participation in the conference.

The grants will be given in priority to qualified scientists to
whom few or no other means of support are available, e.g.
colleagues from countries in economic difficulties and young

It is a requirement that the applicant submits an abstract for
a planned poster presentation or for a talk. In the abstract
submission form, the applicants should express their wish to be
considered for financial support.

Applicants will be notified by the end of June 2005.

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