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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report # 156: Senior Review results

17 June 2008

The NASA funding for XMM-Newton US guest observers is scheduled
to be deleted in fiscal year 2010 (starting October 2009 and
affecting AO-9) as a result of the recent Senior Review.
Funding for the the guest observer facility will be downsized
in the same year and deleted in FY 2011.  Despite the large
numbers of exciting, highly cited papers, the good health of
the mission, and the success of US guest observers in the
proposal review process, the senior review panel felt that
continued funding by NASA of the US guest observer program
was a relatively low priority.   There are on average about
110 funded US XMM-Newton PIs at an average funding of $50k/year
for each AO.  We also believe that is highly unlikely that this
funding difference can be made up via the ADP program.  We wish
to inform the community of this decision so that it can be
included in their long term funding plans. XMM-Newton will
compete in the 2010 Senior Review so there is a possibility
that this decision can be reversed, but we have no idea as to
the likelihood of that happening.

The text of the 2008 Senior Review Committee report can be
found at:

and is included as a link on the home page of the NASA/GSFC
XMM-Newton GOF: http://xmm.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/xmm/xmmgof.html

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