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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #181: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #97

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_/            XMM-NEWTON NEWS #97   ---    07-Sep-2009            _/
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              XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
               ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
 P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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  - EPIC Principle Investigator
  - Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.
  - Conference "Chandra's First Decade of Discovery": deadline for
    abstract submission and registration extended
  - Conference Announcement: "Probing strong gravity near black holes"

EPIC Principle Investigator

In XMM-Newton Newsletter #91 we had the sad duty of informing our
subscribers about the untimely death of Professor Martin Turner.
We are pleased to report that his duties as the Principle Investigator
of the EPIC instruments on-board XMM-Newton have been transferred to
Dr Steven Sembay of The University of Leicester, UK.

Dr Sembay joined the Leicester University X-ray and Observational
Astronomy group in 1989 as a post-doctoral research astrophysicist,
and became a member of the EPIC instrument team in 1997, just before
the ground calibration campaign of the EPIC-MOS instruments began in
earnest at the Orsay and Panter facilities. In 2001 he became the
manager of the UK EPIC team at Leicester and the coordinator of the
international EPIC consortium calibration and instrument health meetings
which have been held on a regular basis since launch.

Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.

The XMM-Newton team is collecting information about the completion
of doctorates and Ph.D. theses based on (or making use of)
XMM-Newton observations since the launch of the mission.

This information is one of the measures of the scientific impact of
XMM-Newton and represents an important support for the mission.
Ideally, it is our intention to collect the complete list of Ph.D.
works based on XMM-Newton data and this is why we need your help.

We would appreciate if you - being a candidate or supervisor of a
doctorate - could let us know the following details:

o Year of the thesis
o Candidate's name
o Supervisor's name
o Statement that the thesis is either based on, or making use of,
  XMM-Newton observations

Please contact us through the helpdesk at:


or sending an e-mail to xmmhelp@sciops.esa.int, with Subject:
PRIVATE: Ph.D. thesis work, in case you want to flag your message
as private. The message can also be flagged as private using the
HelpDesk web interface. In any case, all provided information will
be handled confidentially.

Conference "Chandra's First Decade of Discovery": deadline for abstract
submission and registration extended

As announced in issue #91 of the XMM-Newton Newsletter, the conference
"Chandra's First Decade of Discovery" will be held on September 22-25,
2009 at the Seaport Hotel, Boston, US.

The deadline for abstract submission and for registration has been
extended to Friday, 11th of September.

More information and links to the abstract submission and registration
pages are available at the conference website at:


Conference Announcement: "Probing strong gravity near black holes"

The conference "Probing strong gravity near black holes"

will be held on 2010 Feb 15 - 18 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference will discuss and compare different methods of studying
strong gravity effects around astrophysical black holes of all masses.
Both theoretical and, when available, observational points of view
will be discussed in the context of present and future approaches:
line and continuum spectroscopy, timing, polarimetry, imaging.

More information is available from the conference web site at:


Yours sincerely,
XMM-Newton SOC

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