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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #184: 2010 Senior Review, XMM-Newton AO-9 and Continued Funding

2010 Senior Review, XMM-Newton AO-9 and Continued Funding

Currently, no funding has been allocated in the NASA budget
to support XMM-Newton Guest Observer grants for AO-9 and
future AOs.  In addition, following the recommendations of
the 2008 Senior Review and current NASA HQ guidance, all GOF
operations would cease at the end of fiscal year 2010
(30 September 2010).  While the XMM-Newton project has been
invited to participate in the 2010 Senior Review, the
prognosis is uncertain as our "in-guidelines" budget amount
specified by NASA HQ is zero for FY11 onwards.  Of greatest
concern is the potential elimination of funding for GO grants
which has provided on average $5 M per year over the last
eight years to support US XMM GOs.  Although XMM GOs will
have the opportunity to apply for support under the ADP, it
is unlikely that the loss of these funds would be fully
compensated through that program.

In response to this dire scenario, we are asking for help
from you, the US XMM-Newton users community, in demonstrating
the vital contributions of the XMM-Newton project.
Specifically, we are asking for:

1) Lists of publications from XMM-Newton funded projects

2) Numbers of graduate students and Ph.D. theses from
    XMM-Newton funded projects

3) Numbers of post-docs supported by XMM-Newton funded

Ranking within the Senior Review is predicated upon science
return, so please provide the necessary information to allow
us to show the panel in detail the spectacular amount of
cutting-edge science produced by XMM-Newton over the last
decade, with emphasis upon the past two years.  (Please
respond by the end of November to steven.l.snowden@nasa.gov)

In addition, one implied question for us in the Senior Review
is: "What will be the next great science result from
XMM-Newton?"  If you have stunning results which are soon to
be released, please contact the US XMM-Newton Users Group
Chair, Prof. Craig Sarazin (sarazin@virginia.edu), who is
compiling the science part of our Senior Review proposal.

Note that ESA has funded XMM-Newton operations through 2012
with further extensions likely and there are sufficient
expendables for the mission to continue past 2017.  In
addition, if GO funding is restored in FY11 we will be able
to fund an AO-9 GO grant program.

Thank you very much for your time in this effort.

      Steve Snowden
      XMM-Newton US Project Scientist
A service of the XMM-Newton GOF, NASA/GSFC

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