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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #190: XMM U.S. GO Funding for AO-8 C-Target and AO-9 Proposals

Guest Observer Funding for XMM-Newton AO-8 C-Target and
AO-9 Proposals

We regret to inform the US XMM-newton users community that
there is no NASA funding allocated to the GOF to support
XMM-Newton Guest Observer investigations for AO-8 C-target
proposals with scheduled observations or AO-9 proposals of
any type.  This is likely to continue into the future.
However, we would like to draw your attention to the ROSES
2010 Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP):


Section 1.3.4 of document "D.2 Astrophysics Data Analysis"

"Direct support for US investigators who compete and win
observing time on the RXTE, XMM-Newton, and INTEGRAL missions
is expected to be reduced or unavailable in upcoming budgets.
Consequently, scientists with approved guest investigator
programs using RXTE, XMM-Newton, or INTEGRAL at the time of
ADAP proposal submission are eligible to propose for data
analysis support under the ADAP even if the observations
have yet to be executed or the data are still within their
proprietary period."

The close of the 2010 ADAP proposal period is 14 May 2010.
Successful XMM-Newton Guest Observers affiliated with US
institutions are encouraged to propose for support through
the ADAP.  The closure date is sufficiently late in the
XMM-Newton cycle that most AO-8 C-targets will have been
scheduled by that time.

       Steve Snowden
       XMM-Newton US Project Scientist
A service of the XMM-Newton GOF, NASA/GSFC

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