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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #243: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #141

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_/           XMM-NEWTON NEWS #141    ---    25-Sep-2012           _/
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             XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
              ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- Update of the BiRD Database

- ESA Research Fellowships at ESAC: deadline extended to 15th October

Update of the BiRD Database

The Browsing  Interface for RGS  Data, BiRD, is now  regularly updated
with  the more recent  data, that  are made  available as  they become

BiRD is  an utility to  browse and examine  RGS data.  Spectra  can be
selected through  different parameters,  such as date  of observation,
class of  object or level of  exposure. BiRD also  provides some basic
plotting  and  visualisation  tools,  both  for the  RGS  spectra  and
spectral images,  and for  the EPIC-pn images  taken in  parallel. The
database includes now 8000 spectra of 3500 different objects.

BiRD is available at the following URL:


ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science at ESAC:
deadline extended to 15th October

The deadline  for the  current call for  applications to  ESA Research
Fellowships in Space Science at  ESAC (announced in issue #136 of this
Newsletter) has been extended to

                          15th October 2012

More  information on the  ESA Research  Fellowship programme  in Space
Science, on the conditions and eligibility, as well as the application
form can be found at:


Due  to a  software  glitch, some  of  the messages  sent  to the  ESA
scientists  from that  page may  not have  been  delivered. Interested
candidates are kindly requested to contact them again.

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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