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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #249: Release of 2013 ADAP program solicitation

15 February 2013


1) Release of the Astrophysics Data Analysis (ADAP) solicitation.


1) Release of the Astrophysics Data Analysis (ADAP) solicitation

Release: 14 February 2013
Close: 17 May 2013


Current XMM-Newton Guest Observers (AO-12, with certain limitations)
and US archive users are eligible for funding under the ADAP program.
US AO-12 PIs with A ranked targets will be invited to submit a funding
request through the GOF later in the year.  The applicable section from
the NSPIRES solicitation follows:

"1.2.4   Support for Approved Suzaku and XMM-Newton Guest Investigators

Direct support for U.S. investigators who compete and win General
Observing (GO) time has been eliminated for the Suzaku mission, and
support for XMM-Newton GO programs is limited to priority A observations.
Consequently, scientists with approved priority A or B GO programs using
Suzaku or priority B programs using XMM-Newton at the time of ADAP 2013
proposal submission are eligible to propose for data analysis support under
the ADAP, even if those observations have yet to be executed or the data
are still within their proprietary period. This waiver does not extend to
priority C GO observations.  Proposers seeking funding support for an
approved GO program are not relieved of the responsibility to provide a
compelling proposal that meets all of the requirements of the ROSES-2013
NRA and the ADAP solicitation. It is not sufficient to simply submit the
approved GO proposal."


Note that US Co-Is of successful foreign PI proposals with either
priority A or B ranked targets may also apply for funding through
the ADAP solicitation.

Dr. Steve Snowden
XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility
A service of the XMM-Newton GOF, NASA/GSFC

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