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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #251: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #146


Dear U.S. XMMNews Subscribers,

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 The U.S. XMM-Newton GOF


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_/           XMM-NEWTON NEWS #146    ---    16-Apr-2013           _/
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             XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
              ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


SOC Home Page:
Helpdesk Web interface:
Helpdesk email address:
News Mailing List:



- Users Group Meeting #14: Invitation from UG to contact them for comments

- XMM-Newton 2013 Science Workshop: Financial Support for Students
   and Science Programme available

- Publishing XMM-Newton Results

Users Group meeting #14: Invitation from UG to contact them for comments

The XMM-Newton Users Group (UG) will hold its yearly meeting next 16th
and  17th May at  ESAC.  As  always, we  would like  to invite  you to
contact any  of the members  of the UG  and/or myself if you  have any
sort of  feedback, suggestion or topic  that you would like  the UG to
discuss in relation to the XMM-Newton operations.

The amount of feedback that  we have been receiving recently is rather
modest. Although  this might be attributable  to XMM-Newton operations
having   reached   some   maturity,   there   is   always   room   for
improvement.  Please note that  we rely  on your  views to  advise the
project on how to make XMM-Newton a better X-ray observatory.

Thanks for your help,

Xavier Barcons, Chair, XMM-Newton Users Group

Note the new UG membership:

X. Barcons (chair), H. Boehringer, A. Decourchelle, C. Done, M. Guedel,
M. Mendez, R. Mushotzky, C. Sarazin, B. Stelzer and M. Salvati
(OTAC Chair).

A dedicated Web page of the Users Group is available at:


This Web  page provides, among  other information, the  contact points
for  all interested  astronomers  to  send their  comments  to the  UG

XMM-Newton 2013 Science Workshop:
Financial Support for Students (deadline 21st April)
and Science Programme available

As announced in a previous issue of the XMM-Newton Newsletter


the XMM-Newton Science Operations  Centre of the European Space Agency
is organising an astrophysical workshop:

                      The Fast and the Furious:
           Energetic Phenomena in Isolated Neutron Stars,
             Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Supernova Remnants

           from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th May 2013
                at the European Space Astronomy Centre
                            Madrid, Spain

Financial  support can  be offered  to  a limited  number of  eligible
students by the ESA Education Office.

** Deadline for applications of funding support is Sunday 21st April **

Registration will remain open until Friday 26th April.

The science programme is now available at the conference web page:



Local Organising Committee:  xmmws2013@sciops.esa.int

Publishing XMM-Newton Results

When publishing  an article using  XMM-Newton data, please  follow the
XMM-Newton publication guidelines at


In particular,  please remember to  include the information  needed to
uniquely  identify the  XMM-Newton  data that  have  been used.   Such
details  will allow  us to  link every  observation in  the XMM-Newton
Science Archive to the publications in which it has been employed.

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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