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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #253: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #148

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_/           XMM-NEWTON NEWS #148    ---    09-May-2013           _/
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            XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
             ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- Version 13.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

- Update on the MOS1-CCD3 event of December 2012

Version 13.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

The XMM-Newton SAS  team is pleased to announce the  release  of a new
version of the SAS: SAS 13.0.

Binaries  for diverse flavours  of Linux  and MacOs  (both in  32- and
64-bit native versions) are available at:


The main improvements of this release can be summarised as follows:

* EPIC spectral products for a single source in multiple exposures: As
  many sources have been  observed by XMM-Newton in several occasions,
  we have  extended the use  of "xmmselect" capabilities  for handling
  any number of exposures, including different EPIC cameras, even from
  different observations.   Selection of source  and background region
  in  the  combined  image   is  possible,  followed  by  an  eventual
  optimisation and  extraction of  source and background  spectra from
  everyone of the input exposures ("multiespecget").  Combined spectra
  and response  matrices can eventually  be derived with the  new task

* EPIC pn pile-up correction for imaging modes: A novel method ("Added
  Event")  for  correcting  the   effects  of  pile-up  is  introduced
  experimentally in  this release.  This  method adds trial  events to
  the  original  event  file  and  by  following  their  evolution  it
  determines the  fraction of  upscattered events produced  by pile-up
  and their energies.  The  resultant channel spectrum is written into
  the RMF.

* Off-axis  astrometry refinement:  An  off-axis dependent  systematic
  offset   in   the  EPIC   astrometry   can   be  corrected   through
  "poscorr3xmm". This effect  is at most 0.5 arcsec  for sources at an
  off-axis angle of 12 arcmin.

* EPIC pn X-ray loading correction: Imaging modes can now be corrected
  for X-ray loading through "epxrlcorr".

* RGS wavelength  scale correction:  The  wavelength scale of  the RGS
  spectrometers can be corrected  for its dependency with the distance
  from the target to the Sun, through an upgrade of "rgsangles".

* RGS heliocentric  correction: The heliocentric  velocity correction,
  introduced through  "heliocentriccorr" in the  previous SAS version,
  can now be applied to the wavelength scale of the spectrum.

* the derivation  of the  RGS spectrum on  a wavelength grid  has been
  improved, solving the problem of spikes in the spectrum in bins with
  a very small effective area.

For further details please visit the SAS Pages at:


Update on the MOS1-CCD3 event of December 2012

The  results  of the  final  investigation  of  the 11  December  2012
MOS1-CCD3 event are now available:

* MOS1 CCD3 was significantly damaged, and it has been disabled.

* The science impact of the loss of MOS1 CCD3 is small (no impact for
  on-axis point sources and extended sources with radius smaller than
  5.5 arcmin).

* The frame-time of all the MOS1 CCDs in "Full Frame" mode and of the
  peripheral CCDs in "Timing" mode has been modified from 2.6 to 2.7 s.

Please refer to the following Web page


for more details.

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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