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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #264: The X-ray Universe 2014: First Announcement


            *  F I R S T   A N N O U N C E M E N T  *

                    "The X-ray Universe 2014"

                          Dublin, Ireland

                          16-19 June 2014

                         Organised by the
               XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre
                              of the
                    European Space Agency (ESA)


Dear Colleague,

The  XMM-Newton  Science  Operations  Centre  is  organising  a  major
astrophysical symposium from Monday 16th to Thursday 19th June 2014 in
Dublin, Ireland.

                   - AIMS AND SCOPE OF THE MEETING -

The  symposium  is  the  fourth  meeting  in  the  series  "The  X-ray
Universe".   The  intention  is  to  gather a  general  collection  of
research in  high energy astrophysics.   The symposium will  provide a
showcase for  results, discoveries  and expectations from  current and
future X-ray missions.

Session topics will include:

* Stars and star-forming Regions, Solar System Studies
* Interacting Binary Systems, Galactic Black Holes, Micro-quasars
* Cataclysmic Variables and Novae
* Isolated Neutron Stars and Pulsars
* Planetary Nebulae, SN, SNR, PWN, Gamma-ray Bursts and Afterglows
* Galaxies, Galaxy Surveys, Population Studies, ISM and Diffuse
  Galactic Emission
* Active Galactic Nuclei
* Clusters of Galaxies
* Extragalactic Surveys and Population Studies, the Cosmic X-Ray
  Background, WHIM  and Cosmology
* The future of X-ray Astronomy

Hot topics:

* Accretion Physics
* Physics of Magnetised Objects
* General Relativity: Compact Objects and Reverberation
* Extrasolar Planets and their Hosts
* The Galactic Centre
* Transients of the Multi-Band Sky
* The Sunyaev-Zeldowich effect: Recent results
* The Sky at High Energies



J. Schmitt (chair)     University of Hamburg, Germany
M. Arnaud              CEA, Saclay, France
X. Barcons             CSIC-UC, Santander, Spain
M. Barstow             University of Leicester, United Kingdom
L. Brenneman           CfA, Cambridge, USA
E. Churazov            MPA, Garching, Germany
A. Decourchelle        CEA, Saclay, France
D. de Martino          INAF, Naples, Italy
C. Done                University of Durham, United Kingdom
G. Garmire             Huntingdon Inst. for X-ray Astronomy,
Pennsylvania, USA
S. Grebenev            Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia
M. Guedel              University of Vienna, Austria
L. Harra               UCL-MSSL, Dorking, United Kingdom
J. Kaastra             SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
S. Komossa             MPIfR, Bonn, Germany
K. Matsushita          University of Tokio, Japan
B. McBreen             University College Dublin, Ireland
T. Montmerle           IAP, Paris, France
R. Petre               GSFC, Greenbelt, USA
P. Predehl             MPE, Garching, Germany
G. Rauw                University of  Liege, Belgium
N. Rea                 CSIC-IEEC/University of Amsterdam, Spain/The
P. Rodriguez-Pascual   ESAC, Madrid, Spain
N. Schartel (co-chair) ESAC, Madrid, Spain
S. Sciortino           INAF, Palermo, Italy
G. Trinchieri          INAF, Milano, Italy
M. van der Klis        University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A. Vikhlinin           CfA, Cambridge, USA
R. Warwick             University of Leicester, United Kingdom
J. Wilms               University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany
A. Zdziarski           N. Copernicus Astronomical Centre, Warsaw, Poland

                   - LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE -

J. Ness (chair), M. Ehle, C. Gabriel, P. Gallagher (Trinity College
Dublin), A. Ibarra, N. Loiseau, A. Martin-Carrillo (University College
Dublin), B. McBreen (University College Dublin), E. Ojero, R. Saxton,
N. Schartel


              - IMPORTANT DATES (subject to changes) -

Tuesday 14 January .......... Second announcement.
                              Abstract submission and registration open
Friday 28 February .......... Deadline for abstract submission
second half of April ........ Notification to authors
Monday 28 April ............. Deadline for early registration
early June .................. Final announcement

15 June  18:00 .............. Reception and registration
16 June  08:00 .............. Registration
16 June  10:30 .............. Opening of the Conference
19 June  17:15 .............. End of the Conference


                         - CONFERENCE VENUE -

The conference will be held at Trinity College Dublin:


Dublin is one of Europe's favourite spots to visit. The cultural scene
is incredibly rich, with an  abundance of galleries, many of which are
free to visit, a thriving theatre scene, and great gigs to go to every
night.  During summer  there are  lots  of gigs  and comedy  festivals
outdoors  in places  like Dublin  Castle, Marlay  Park and  the Iveagh

Dublin  is  rich  in  attractions  such as  the  Castle,  Christchurch
Cathedral, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, and Trinity College.

Trinity College was  founded in 1592. Despite its  location in today's
centre of  a capital city  and its being  one of the  most significant
tourist  attractions   in  Dublin,  the  campus   retains  a  tranquil
collegiate  atmosphere.  The  library building  hosts  the prestigious
Long Hall  and the  Book of Kells,  a handwritten manuscript  from the
800s,  and Brian Boru's  Harp, dated  from the  14th or  15th century,
which has become a national symbol of Ireland.



Registration and abstract submission is  planned to open on Tuesday 14
January  2014.  It will  be announced  in due  time via  an XMM-Newton

- Registration Fee:

200 EUR: Reduced fee for students providing suitable justification,
         until 28th April

370 EUR: Early fee, until 28th April

460 EUR: Late fee, after 28th  April

The fee includes the welcome  reception on 15th June, four lunches and
all coffee breaks.

- A limited amount of financial support is planned to be offered early
  in 2014  to cover the conference  fee and some travel  support for a
  small number of eligible applicants.

- A  limited number of  on-campus accommodation  will be  available to
  participants. Details, also with a list of other nearby hotels, will
  be provided with the second announcement.


                            - CONTACT -

Conference web page containing most up-to-date information:


Local Organising Committee,

for scientific organisation, abstract submission and grant application:


ESA Conference Bureau,

for registration and social events:


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