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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #280: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #167


             XMM-NEWTON NEWS #167    ---    13-Nov-2014


            XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
             ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- Version 14.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

- Data Analysis Threads for SAS v14.0

- Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.

Version 14.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

The XMM-Newton SAS  team is pleased to announce the  release  of a new
version of the SAS: SAS v14.0.

Binaries  for diverse flavours  of Linux  and MacOs  (both in  32- and
64-bit native versions) are available at


The main improvements of this release can be summarised as follows:

- EPIC-pn:

A number of  upgrades in the calibration of  this instrument have been

* An energy-dependent  correction to the  CTI is now applied,  and the
  time dependency  has been updated, to represent  better the observed
  time evolution

* The dependency of the spectral energy resolution on time and pattern
  has  been  introduced. This  change  implies  that EPIC-pn  response
  matrices are now time dependent

* Changes improving the accuracy of the energy scale in the fast modes
  have been  included, that apply differently to  the different modes.
  To make  their use easier, the new  parameter 'withdefaultcal' (with
  default   'yes')  has   been   introduced  in   both  'epproc'   and
  'epchain'.  Also,  the systematic  offset  in  the  energy scale  of
  single- and double-event spectra is now corrected by 'epevents'

* A  new  task  for   soft  flares  flagging,  'eprejectti',  replaces
  'epreject' for EPIC-pn Timing mode data.


* An empirical correction to improve the cross-calibration of the EPIC
  effective   areas  has   been  introduced   as  a   new   option  in
  'arfgen'. Since the calibration  is still preliminary, currently its
  use  is  only  recommended as  a  tool  to  estimate the  impact  of
  effective  are  inter-calibration  uncertainties.   It can  be  used
  through the non-default parameter 'applyxcaladjustment'

* The  new   metatask  'eimagecombine'  produces   combined  smoothed,
  background-subtracted and exposure  corrected EPIC images. This task
  uses as input the individual sets of images from the, also new, task

- RGS:

* The  heliocentric   and  solar  aspect  angle   corrections  to  the
  wavelength scale are applied by default.

- OM:

* A general  upgrade of many  tasks has taken place,  corresponding to
  the developments leading to the OM catalogue.

* The  OM SAS  interactive  tasks for  manipulation  of source  lists,
  'omsource'  and 'omgsource',  run  now flawless  in  the 64-bit  SAS

* 'omfchain' processing  of OM fast  mode data now  extracts correctly
  the background from the associated image.

For further details please visit the SAS Pages:


Data Analysis Threads for SAS v14.0

SAS analysis  threads have been  revised to ensure  compatibility with
SAS  v14.0.  Small  updates  as  well  as  some  cosmetics  have  been

The new version of the threads can be found at


Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.

The XMM-Newton team is  collecting information about the completion of
doctorates and  Ph.D. theses  based on (or  making use  of) XMM-Newton
observations.  Ideally,  it is our  intention to collect  the complete
list of Ph.D.  works based on  XMM-Newton data and this is why we need
your help.

We would  appreciate if  you -  being a candidate  or supervisor of a
doctorate - could let us know the following details:

- Year of the thesis
- Candidate's name
- Supervisor's name
- Institution
- Thesis Title
- Statement that the thesis is either based on, or making use of,
  XMM-Newton observations

Please contact us through the Helpdesk at:


sending an e-mail with Subject:  "Ph.D. thesis work".  The message can
be flagged as private.  In  any case, all provided information will be
handled confidentially.

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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