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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #292: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #176


             XMM-NEWTON NEWS #176    --- 10-Sep-2015


            XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
             ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- XMM-Newton Users Group: Minutes of Meeting available

- Update of the EPIC and RGS Calibration Status Documents

- ARCHES Scientific Workshop Announcement: "X-ray surveys
  with advanced multi-wavelength cross-identification methods"

- Conference Announcement: "Clusters of galaxies and hot baryons"

XMM-Newton Users Group: Minutes of Meeting available

The XMM-Newton  Users Group met  on the 21st  and 22nd of May  2015 at
ESAC.  The minutes were approved on the 31st of July and a are available


As announced in  issue #173 of this Newsletter,  the presentations are
available at the same page.

Update of the EPIC and RGS Calibration Status Documents

New versions of the calibration status documents for EPIC and RGS have
been released.

These documents are available from the XMM-Newton Calibration Portal:


ARCHES Scientific Workshop Announcement:
"X-ray surveys with advanced multi-wavelength cross-identification methods"

The  Workshop  "X-ray surveys  with  advanced multi-wavelength  cross
identification methods" will be held at

                      University Paris Diderot
              from 30th November to 2nd December 2015

The workshop  aims at presenting the main  scientific issues addressed
by large scale X-ray  surveys, specifically the XMM-Newton surveys and
the 3XMM  catalogues and  at discussing the cross-correlation methods
and spectral energy distribution  building tools that are essential to
make  best  use of  the  fast-growing  production of multi-wavelength
archival data.

The  workshop will  consist of  three sessions,  focused on  the three
science  demonstration themes  of the  EC  FP7 ARCHES project, and  a
fourth  session  devoted to  a  discussion  of  the methods  currently
available  and  of the  technicalities  involved  in the simultaneous
statistical  cross-correlation of several  catalogues. There  will be
also  a half-day  hands-on training  with  the tools produced by  the
ARCHES project.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline .... 21st September 2015
Registration deadline ........... 9th November 2015

More information can be found at the Workshop Web page:


Conference Announcement: "Clusters of galaxies and hot baryons"

The conference  "Clusters of galaxies  and hot baryons", to celebrate
the 40th anniversary  of the discovery by Ariel  5 Exp. C spectrometer
of X-ray emission lines from clusters of galaxies, will be held at:

               Mullard Space Science Laboratory
            Holmbury St Mary, Dorking, Surrey, UK
                 from 6th to 8th  October 2015

This conference will explore  the current understanding of clusters of
galaxies and hot baryons, and the wider implications for astronomy and
cosmology,  with   a  look  forward   to  the  prospects of  imaging
high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy offered by Astro-H and ATHENA.

Deadline for registration is 14th September 2015.

Due to space limitations, the conference will be limited to 60 people.

Full details are given at the Conference Web page:


Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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