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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #302: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #183


             XMM-NEWTON NEWS #183    ---    18-May-2016


            XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
             ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- Users Group Meeting #17: Invitation from UG chair to contact them
- XSA v9.0 released
- New Pipeline processing based on SASv15.0
- Web page with XMM-Newton related Ph.D. available
- Conference Announcement:"ULXs and Their Environments"

Users Group Meeting #17: Invitation from UG chair to contact them

The XMM-Newton Users Group (UG)  will be holding its yearly meeting this
coming June 7th and 8th, at ESAC in Spain.

As is usual the UG welcomes all comments and suggestions on any relevant
aspect  of XMM-Newton  operations and  future direction.   You may send
these either directly to me, or if you prefer to any member of the UG.

I would like to  note that later this year we will  be seeking a mission
extension for the XMM-Newton project. In this context there was a recent
meeting titled  "XMM-Newton: The  Next Decade", held  at ESAC, with 150
participants.  This meeting included  more than  100 talks, posters and
panel   discussions,  covering   the  diverse   aspects   of XMM-Newton
science.  It is  clear that  new  areas ideally  suited to XMM-Newton's
strengths,  are opening  up all  the time.  As a  consequence  we should
consider  how   best  to  exploit   these  opportunities  in terms  of
modifications to time allocation strategy and scheduling procedures. The
community will be given the chance to contribute to this debate, as well
as suggesting which areas of science should be emphasised. As a start of
this process the community is  invited to submit initial thoughts to the
UG, via Norbert Schartel, for consideration at the next UG meeting.

With the community's help, we  will strive to ensure the continuation of
XMM-Newton's unique contribution to astrophysics.

Martin Ward,  UG-Chair

The agenda  for UG meeting #17  and contact information of  the UG chair
and all the other UG members are available at




XSA v9.0 released

A new version of the XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSAv9.0) is available at


The most important changes are:

- New columns can be selected for display in the different Results tabs.

- OM combined  images are shown  in the Observation Details panel. They
  can also be displayed in the Observations Results panel.

- The new pipeline product "EPIC 3 Colour Image" is shown instead of the
  EPIC combined image, when available.

- More command line  and URL options have been  added to directly access
  XSA data, see http://nxsa.esac.esa.int/nxsa-web/#aio

- A new XSA  Table Access Protocol (TAP) has  been implemented, allowing
  access to the XSA database information.

- Links to XCat-DB (http://xcatdb.unistra.fr) information are provided
  for 3XMM-DR5 sources.

New Pipeline processing based on SAS15.0

A new version of the pipeline processing software for XMM-Newton data


was released on  April 28th. This pipeline is based  on SASv15.0 and its
main  novelties are  source detection  on OM  stacked images  and a new
algorithm  to define  the  background extraction  regions associated  to
EPIC-pn  sources.

A detailed description as well as  a summary of the changes with respect
to the previous pipeline can be found in the release notes


The  document that  describes  the pipeline  products  has been updated
accordingly. It can be found at:


Web page with XMM-Newton related Ph.D. available

As  announced   in  Newsletter   #182,  details  about doctorates  and
Ph.D. theses based on (or making use of) XMM-Newton observations are now
publicly available at


We invite you,  being a candidate or supervisor of  such a doctorate, to
check for  correctness and inform us  by 1st June 2016  about any change
request.  Please do so by filling an electronic form accessible from the
same page.

For additional  and future entries  to our list, please,  continue using
that form, even after the deadline.

Conference announcement: "ULXs and Their Environments"

The  workshop "ULXs  and  Their  Environments" will  take  place at  the
Observatoire de Strasbourg  (France), from the 13th to  the 16th of June

The  purpose of  this  workshop is  to  present recent  progress on  ULX
science, with emphasis on discussions.

Topics  to  be  addressed   include,  among  others:  new theories  and
observations  of disk  accretion  and outflows;  feedback, bubbles,  and
jet/wind  interactions  with   the  ISM;  hyperluminous, ultrasoft  and
transient ULXs; stellar evolution  leading to a ULX population; searches
for radio  and UV/optical/IR counterparts; plans  for future XMM-Newton,
Chandra, Swift and NuSTAR studies (and, in the long term, Athena).

Further information can be found at


Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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