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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #304: 2016 NASA Senior Review Results - U.S. AO-15 Budget Process


The NASA XMM GOF is very happy to announce the XMM project
results of the 2016 Senior Review.  The GOF is fully funded
through FY2020 at a level of $3.5 M per year (pending the
outcome of the 2018 Senior Review for FY2019-20).

As with AO-14, the grant process for AO-15 will be open to
US PIs with A/B ranked proposals with average grant amounts
in the $50 K to $60 K range.  New for AO-15 will be that US
PIs of joint NuSTAR/XMM Cycle 2 A/B proposals will be eligible
for more limited support from the XMM program ($20 K to $25 K)
in addition to the funds awarded through the NuSTAR program.

PIs who are eligible by our records were notified of this
opportunity by a separate e-mail, this entry is to notify the
general community of the opportunity in case a PI may have a
special circumstance (e.g., a foreign scientist who is
relocating to the United States).  To be eligible, the PI

1) Be the awardee as PI of an XMM AO-15 A/B science proposal
    or be the awardee as PI of a Cycle-2 joint NuSTAR/XMM A/B
    science proposal (and be eligible for funding through the
    NuSTAR program).
2) Be affiliated with a US institution for the large
    majority of the grant period (typically calendar year
3) For PIs with joint appointments at US and foreign
    institutions, the fraction of time to be spent at the
    US institution during the grant period must be specified.
    Note: In such cases it is prohibited to use NASA funds
    to support travel between the US and foreign institutions,
    even to the extent of traveling to a foreign meeting and
    using personal funds to travel on to the home institution.
4) The proposal must be submitted through a US institution
    by the proposal due date (12 August).
5) PIs must satisfy the "China Funding Restriction" that
    in part says that recipients of NASA funding may not
    "participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally with
    China or any Chinese-owned company".

If you believe that you are eligible and didn't receive the
separate notification e-mail on 1 July you must contact the
XMM GOF Helpdesk by 15 July <xmmhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov>.
The  e-mail should specify the Science PI name, and Budget
PI name if different, institution, e-mail address for
communication, XMM or NuSTAR proposal number, and fraction of
time to be spent in the US for holders of joint appointments.
Questions about possible eligibility should be directed to the
same e-mail address.

If you receive the separate notification and are not eligible
to receive a grant (e.g., you are leaving the US for a foreign
institution) please let us know at: xmmhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov
as soon as possible so the funds can be redistributed accordingly.


Dr. Steve Snowden
XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility
Building 34, Room E360
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Greenbelt, MD  20771
Phone: 301-286-8100
Fax: 301-286-1684
E-mail: Steven.L.Snowden@nasa.gov
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