Single Box Xamin Query

This page allows users to initiate Xamin queries using a single box for input. Users may enter target names, positions, missions and a variety of keywords that specify formats, coordinate systems and such.

Note: This page demonstrates the single box input, but it is anticipated that normally this interface will be used in contexts (e.g., the HEASARC home page) where only the entry box is shown and a very small amount of help information will be present.

Inputs are parsed into tokens and these tokens are then analyzed. While the parser accepts many combinations of inputs correctly, you may find that enclosing complex tokens in single or double quotes is needed to convey the appropriate meaning.

Kinds of inputs supported
PositionsNumeric positions in sexagesimal or decimal format, multiple positions can be specified. 10 10 10, 20 20 20.3
Target names Names of targets that can be resolved into positions.
If names or positions include spaces they should enclosed in quotes though sometimes such names can be recognized without quoting.
'eta carina'
'3c 273' or 3c273
Times Times may be specified in JD, MJD or ISO formats. Time ranges may be given 1990-10-10T14:15
CoordinatesThe coordinate system used in input and outputJ2000
Table names HEASARC and Vizier table names. When a table name is specified, only this table is queried. Multiple tables can be specified to start a correlation.rosmaster
FormatsThe format for the outputText
Missions and other keywordsKeywords to look for in the description of the table. Mission names may be transformed to fiducial versions to assist the search. Any number of keywords may be specified. Only tables that match all keywords will be included. To include multiple missions enter as M1|M2'Ariel 5'
RadiusThe radius for cone searches. The final character specifies the units1800"
ConstraintsStrings containing <,> or = are assumed to be constraints. If a string value is used it may need to be enclosed in single quotes. exposure>10

Complete examples
What ROSAT tables have information on 3c273 '3c 273' rosat
3c273 rosat
Find long Chandra exposureschanmaster exposure>10000 status='archived'
Tables of cataclysmic variables (or that mention these) that include AM Her'AM Her' cataclysmic
Find all of the long ROSAT observations of Messier objects in Scorpius. messier rosmaster a.constell='SCO' b.exposure>20000