This class calculates Compton reflection using the Magzdiarz and Zdziarski code.

class MZCompRefl{

  MZCompRefl();         // default constructor
  ~MZCompRefl();        // default destructor

  void CalcReflection(string RootName, Real cosIncl, Real xnor, 
                      Real Xmax, RealArray& InputX, RealArray& InputSpec, 
                      RealArray& Spref);

The easiest way to use the MZCompRefl class is through the associated function calcCompReflTotalFlux.

void calcCompReflTotalFlux(string ModelName, Real Scale, Real cosIncl, 
                           Real Abund, Real FeAbund, Real Xi, Real Temp, 
                           Real inXmax, RealArray& X, RealArray& Spinc, 
                           RealArray& Sptot);

ModelName is the name of model and is used to check the ModelName_PRECISION xset variable to determine the precision to which internal integrals should be calculated.

Scale is the fraction of reflected emission to include. If Scale is zero then no reflection component is included, a value of one corresponds to an isotropic source above an infinite disk. The special case of minus one will return only the reflected component.

cosIncl is the cosine of the inclination angle of the disk to the line of sight. The iron abundance is specified by FeAbund and the abundances of all other elements by Abund.

For an ionized disk Xi and Temp give the ionization parameter and temperature for the IonizedOpacity class. If Xi is zero then the NeutralOpacity class is used instead. In both these cases the boolean IncludeHHe is set to false.

The input energies and spectrum are given by the X and Spinc arrays. The energies are in units of $m_e c^2$ and the input spectrum is $E F_E$. The output spectrum Sptot is also $E F_E$. The input variable inXmax is the maximum value of X for which the reflected spectrum is calculated. This is useful because X and Spinc should be specified to a higher energy than required in the output because the energy downscattering in Compton reflection. Setting inXmax to the highest output energy required will save computation time.

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