Using the MINUIT library

XSPEC can be linked with the CERN MINUIT library to provide additional optimization methods. CERN have now released the source code under the GPL so it can be included in the XSPEC source tree. This is standard in the XSPEC v11.2 (HEAsoft 5.2) release. If you are running this release you need take no further action.

If you are still running v11.1 (HEAsoft 5.1) and wish to add MINUIT to the source tree follow these steps.

  • Make sure you are set up for LHEASOFT development by source $LHEASOFT/BUILD_DIR/devinit.csh after your usual set up to run XSPEC.

  • Delete the current contents of $XANADU/src/spectral/xspec/src/minuit

  • Download xspec_minuit.tar.gz and place the contents in $XANADU/src/spectral/xspec/src/minuit.

  • Delete $XANBIN/lib/libxspec.a and $XANADU/src/lib.tmp/libxspec.a. If you get a warning that one of these doesn't exist don't worry.

  • Go to $XANADU/src/spectral/xspec/src and type hmake clean. Follow this by hmake then hmake install. Your new XSPEC with MINUIT should now be ready.

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