Xspec Version 11.3.2 Release Notes

Apr 13th 2005

V11.3.2 is mainly a patch release for V11.3.1. Note that all future development will be based on V12.

  • Commands
    • "tclout simpars" - Returns a list of simulated parameter values for the model in use (based on the covariance matrix at the end of the last fit).

  • Models
    • New Models:
    • compbb
      Comptonization model of Poutanen and Svenson.
      Replacement for diskbb with a zero-torque inner boundary condition (Zimmerman, Narayan & McClintock).
      Multi-temperature blackbody for thin accretion disk around a Kerr black hole (Li et al. 2005).
      Redshifted version of redden.

    • Model Changes:
    • mekal models
      All the models that use the mekal code (eg mkcflow) can be made to use the APEC code by setting the switch parameter to 2.
      NEI models
      The APEC versions of NEI models are modified by the APECTHERMAL and APECVELOCITY variables.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixes to 11.3.1a - 11.3.1w are included.

Version 11.3 Release Notes

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