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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility

This page provides a list of papers based on XMM-Newton observations, arranged by author and by subject. Electronic articles are available by clicking on the online link. Data products, if available, can be downloaded from the XMM-Newton Science Data Archive. Please send questions and omissions to the XMM-Newton GOF Helpdesk. Please note that observation IDs are listed for a given article when they are used directly in the analysis, and when it is not prohibitive to do so (such as if a paper used hundreds of archived datasets.) The column labeled "Data Usage" refers to how the paper used the XMM data, with the definitions given in Ness et al.'s (2014) paper on XMM-Newton publication statistics. This information is available only for papers published after September, 2014.

All categories below contain only refereed articles. The XMM-Newton bibliography is sorted:

By author:

By subject:

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Background/Surveys)
  3. Galaxy Clusters
  4. AGN
  5. Galaxies
  6. GRBs/a>
  7. ISM
  8. Stellar Clusters
  9. SNRs/SNe
  10. Planetary Nebulae
  11. X-Ray Binaries
  12. Cataclysmic Variables
  13. Neutron Stars
  14. Stars
  15. Solar System

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