The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) is the primary archive for NASA's (and other space agencies') missions dealing with electromagnetic radiation from extremely energetic phenomena ranging from black holes to the Big Bang. Since its merger with the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA) in 2008, the HEASARC's holdings contain data obtained by NASA's high-energy astronomy missions observing in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV), X-ray, and gamma-ray bands, as well as data from missions, balloons, and ground-based facilities that have studied the relic cosmic microwave background (CMB).


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Latest News
  • SDSS Stripe 82 XMM Source Catalog (22 Apr 2014)
    The SDSS Stripe 82 XMM Source Catalog listing the X-ray, UV, optical, IR and radio properties of 2,358 X-ray detections made by XMM-Newton (LaMassa et al. 2013, MNRAS, 436, 3581) is now available in Browse and Xamin, as is the list from the same paper of 1,146 Chandra detections in the same Stripe 82 field.
  • Ritter Catalog of Cataclysmic Variables, Version 7.21 (21 Apr 2014)
    The latest (7.21: March-2014) versions of the Cataclysmic Binaries Catalog, the Low-Mass X-ray Binaries Catalog and the Binaries Related to CVs Catalog (Ritter & Kolb 2003-2014) are all now available in Browse and in Xamin.
  • Mark Your Calendars: 15 Years of Chandra Symposium Announced (10 Apr 2014)
    The Chandra Science Center has announced the dates for this symposium (to be held in Boston) which will highlight key science results from the first 15 years of Chandra operations as November 18-21, 2014. More information will be available shortly.
  • 2014 Einstein Postdoctoral Fellows Chosen (04 Apr 2014)
    NASA has announced the selection of the 2014 Einstein Fellows who will conduct research related to NASA's Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) program, which aims to expand our knowledge of the origin, evolution, and fate of the Universe. The PCOS Program consists of a suite of operating science missions and possible future missions that focus on specific aspects of these questions.
  • Fermi Data Tantalize With New Clues To Dark Matter (03 Apr 2014)
    A new study of gamma-ray light from the center of our galaxy makes the strongest case to date that some of this emission may arise from dark matter. Using publically available Fermi data, researchers have developed new maps showing that the galactic center produces more high-energy gamma rays than can be explained by known sources and that this excess emission is consistent with some forms of dark matter.
  • NICER Critical Design Review (03 Apr 2014)
    NICER's next step towards launch, the Critical Design Review, is planned for September 2014. NICER remains on-track for launch on the SpaceX-12 ISS resupply flight currently scheduled for August 2016.
  • Upcoming NICER Presentations Announced (03 Apr 2014)
    There will be an overview presentation on the NICER mission design at the SPIE "Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray" conference in Montreal in June, 2014, and NICER science will be the subject of a Special Session at the High-Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) meeting in Chicago in August, 2014.

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