fitsTcl: TCL interface to FITS Files

fitsTcl is an extension to the TCL language, providing simple access to astronomical data stored in FITS file format. fitsTcl implements a TCL interface to the CFITSIO library, developed by the HEASARC (High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. fitsTcl is primarily distributed as part of the fv FITS file editor. It is also available by itself below. The latest version is 2.3, released July, 2009. This is identical to the version in the most recent release of fv (version 5.3, released July, 2009).

For more information, read the User's Guide.

Downloading fitsTcl 2.3

fitsTcl is available as a source distribution only. It can be built on most Unix machines, as well as under Mac OS and Windows. (The distribution includes a Codewarrior 5 project file -- for Mac OS -- and a Visual C++ makefile -- for Windows.) fitsTcl is not distributed with its own version of TCL. You can obtain the Tcl source code either directly from Source Forge or by downloading fv which is distributted with a modified version of Tcl8.4.13. fitsTcl should build with any version of Tcl8. Eventually we will figure out stub libraries and make binary versions available.

Note: The new version of fitsTcl does not include the cfitsio package. User can download the latest cfitsio package from here. When build under UNIX, use "--with-cfitsio=" option as one of the parameter indicates where fitsTcl can find cfitsio package. Check README for more information.

Compile for Mac OS X

When running the configuration, use "--host=powerpc-apple-machten" as one of parameter.

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