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This is the CGRO/BATSE Daily Data database table. It contains entries for each day for which BATSE data has been processed.


This database table was created and updated by the HEASARC based on information supplied by the CGRO Project.

Data Products

BATSE data are divided into four groups: trigger, daily, occultation, and pulsar. Each group has structured directories beneath it containing data ordered by an appropriate criterion. Typically, several files of data are necessary to form a complete set of data for a particular entity. The BATSE daily data sets are the largest BATSE data set and have, as a result, more directory levels based on TJD to permit their effective management. (The number of directory levels was increased in 1997.) These data are the backdrop against which the triggers occur, and contain lower time-resolution data samples from the BATSE detectors. Generally, only two file types are available: CONT and DISCLA:
  cont_TJD_fits        8 batse detectors, 2.048s resolution/16 energy channels
  discla_TJD.fits      8 batse detectors, 1.024s resolution/ 4 energy channels
where TJD is the Truncated Julian Date number defined by:
  TJD = JD - 2,440,000.5 = MJD - 40,000
Thus, the BATSE daily data for 1995-05-03 which corresponds to TJD = 9840 are in files named cont_09840.fits and discla_09840.fits. Notice that the directory structure is based on the TJD number, so that the above-mentioned two files can be found at Further information about these data products should be addressed to the HEASARC Help Desk.


A unique observation ID for every entry constructed by prefixing the string 'b.daily_' in front of the day number or TJD.

The TJD day number of the observation defined by:

    TJD = JD - 2,440,000.5 = MJD - 40,000

The start time of the BATSE daily data.

The stop time of the BATSE daily data.

Contact Person

Questions regarding the BATSEDAILY database table can be addressed to the HEASARC Help Desk.
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