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    Data from space-bourne and suborbital CMB experiments in LAMBDA
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    Other Resources

    • SkyView - An easy-to-use tool that returns digital images of the sky in any waveband from radio through to gamma rays
    • VAO DataScope - Query catalogs and services from the HEASARC and from around the world using a single form
    • Literature - Links to literature search engines and online versions of refereed journals and science magazines

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    Latest News

  • Hitomi Mission Glimpses Cosmic 'Recipe' for the Nearby Universe (22 Nov 2017)
    Before its brief mission ended unexpectedly in March 2016, the Hitomi X-ray observatory captured exceptional information about the motions of the hot gas in the Perseus galaxy cluster. Now, thanks to unprecedented detail provided by the Soft X-ray Spectrometer on Hitomi, the Hitomi Collaboration (2017, Nature, in press) has been able to analyze the detailed chemical make-up of this gas, providing new insights into the stellar explosions that formed most of these elements and cast them out into space.
  • NuSTAR Guest Observer (GO) Cycle 4 Solicitation (20 Nov 2017)
    Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science for 2017 (ROSES-17) Amendment 38 (released on Oct 6, 2017) contains the revised text for Appendix D.10 soliciting proposals to the NuSTAR GO Cycle 4 opportunity. The due date for proposal submission is Jan 19, 2018. Proposals should be submitted via the HEASARC's ARK Remote Proposal System (RPS). For more information about this AO, please visit the NuSTAR Proposal page.
  • IRAM NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array (NOEMA) Observation Log (20 Nov 2017)
    The second version of the IRAM NOEMA - the successor to the Plateau de Bure Interferometer (PdBI) - observing log (Dan et al. 1991-2017, IRAM Newsletters) containing 1,231 observations from May 31, 2015 through September 29, 2016 is now available in Browse and Xamin, as well as an updated version of the IRAM PDBI observing log.
  • Sixth Announced Gravitational Wave Detection, GW 170608 (16 Nov 2017)
    The LIGO Scientific and Virgo collaborations report the detection of yet another gravitational wave signal, dubbed GW 170608, emitted during the final moments of the merger of two black holes with masses of about 7 and 12 times the mass of the sun located at a redshift of ~0.07 (340 Mpc). This is one of the first cases where black holes detected through gravitational waves have masses similar to those detected indirectly via e-m radiation, such as X-rays The discovery paper was just submitted to ApJL.
  • Swift CALDB Data updated (15 Nov 2017)
    The Swift XRT Caldb has been updated (CALDB update version 20171113).
  • SkyView V3.3.2: Links to Mosaicking Inputs (15 Nov 2017)
    Version 3.3.2 of SkyView has been released with two significant changes: updated memory limits, and links to data inputs. The parameters used to set the heap size limits for SkyView web requests have been updated so that users will generally … Continue reading
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