Other NASA Archives:

  • ADS - Astrophysics Data System (archive of astronomy publications) [SAO]

  • EOSDIS - Earth Observing System Data and Information System

  • ExoArchive - NASA Exoplanet Archive [formerly NStED, the NASA/IPAC/MSC Star and Exoplanet Database: JPL/CalTech]

  • HORIZONS - On-Line Solar System Data and Ephemeris Computation Service [JPL/Caltech]

  • IRSA - Infrared Science Archive of IR and sub-mm data [JPL/Caltech]

  • KOA - Keck Observatory Archive [JPL/Caltech]

  • LAMBDA - Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis [GSFC: now part of the HEASARC]

  • MAST - Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (UV, optical and near-IR data) [STScI]

  • NED - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database [JPL/Caltech]

  • NSSDCA - National Space Science Data Coordinated Archive [GSFC]

  • PDS - Planetary Data System [distributed nodes]

  • SDAC - Solar Data Analysis Center [GSFC]

  • SPDF - Space Physics Data Facility [GSFC]

  • SSC - Spitzer Science Center [JPL/Caltech]

Virtual Observatory Resources

  • HEASARC in the VO - HEASARC Virtual Observatory Resources and Services [HEASARC]

  • IVOA - International Virtual Observatory Alliance [IVOA}

  • NAVO - NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories [HEASARC/IRSA/MAST/NED]

  • USVAO - US Virtual Astronomical Observatory (USA)

Other Astronomy Archives

  • AAT Data Archive - Anglo-Australian Telescope Data Archive (UK)

  • ADAC - Astronomical Data Archives Center (Japan)

  • ATOA - Australia Telescope Online Archive (Australia)

  • CADC - Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (Canada)

  • CASU ADC - CASU (Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit) Astronomical Data Centre (UK)

  • CDS - Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg: home of Simbad, VizieR, and Aladin (France)

  • DARTS Data Archives and Transmission Service (ISAS/JAXA, Japan)

  • ESAC - European Space Astronomy Center scientific archives (ESA)

  • ESO/ST-ECF SAF - European Southern Observatory/Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility Science Archive Facility (ESO)

  • HSA - Herschel Science Archive (ESA)

  • IDA - ISO Data Archive (ESA)

  • INES - IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer) Newly Extracted Spectra archive (France)

  • ISDA - ISOC (InteGRAL Science Operations Center) Science Data Archive (ESA)

  • ISSDC - Indian Space Science Data Centre (India)

  • KOA - Keck Observatory Archive (USA)

  • LEDAS - Leicester Database and Archive Service (UK)

  • NRAO Data Archive - National Radio Astronomy Observatory Data Archive (USA)

  • NSA - NOAO (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) Science Archive (USA)

  • OIRSA - Optical/Infrared Science Archive: this site provide convenient access for searching and downloading spectra obtained from optical/infrared spectrographs residing on CfA's ground-based telescopes. (USA)

  • PLA - Planck Legacy Archive (ESA)

  • SIMBAD - Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data, a service of CDS (France)

  • SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Multinational)

  • SSDC - Space Science Data Center (Italy)

  • SSA - SuperCOSMOS Science Archive (UK)

  • XSA - XMM-Newton Science Archive (ESA)

  • 2MASS at IPAC - Two Micron All Sky Survey at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (USA)

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