CALDB Documentation for Users and Developers

User Documents

The CALDB as Installed at the HEASARC

  • CAL/GEN/91-001: "The HEASARC Calibration Database (brief overview)" (Nov 22 2005 Version; html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/93-006: "The Organization of the HEASARC CALDB" (Nov 28 2005 Version; html, pdf)

CALDB Installation, Maintenance and Use

  • CAL/GEN/94-004: "How to Install a Calibration Database" (2009 Aug 04 version; html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-015: "How to Manage a Calibration Database" (November 16, 2005 version; html, pdf)
    Entirely rewritten in Nov 2005; Breedon's original version is still available.

User Guides

  • CAL/GEN/94-002: "The Calibration Database User's Guide" (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/95-008: "MATHPHA User's Guide" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/SW/93-010: "The GRPPHA User's Guide" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/SW/93-011: "CALCRPSF User's Guide" (html, pdf)

Mission-Specific Calibration Documentation

(organized alphabetically)

CALDB-Related Legacy articles

Developer's Documentation

FITS Calibration File Formats/Conventions

  • CAL/SW/2006-001: "Length Limits In Calibration Database Software and Files" (html; pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-011: "Required and Recommended FITS keywords for Calibration Files" (html, pdf)
    A list of required keywords is also available.
  • OGIP/93-001: "Specification of Physical Units within OGIP FITS files" (html, ps)
  • OGIP/93-013: "Standard Strings for Mission, Instrument, Filter, Detector & Grating Names for OGIP FITS files" (html, ps)
    Feb 17, 2006: A draft update of this memo is now available (pdf, html; Excel Workbook)
  • OGIP/94-001: "Standard strings for Detector Operating and Observing Modes" (html, ps)
  • CAL/GEN/92-003: "Basic Calibration File (BCF) & Calibration Product File (CPF) Guidelines" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-008: "Calibration Index Files" (html, pdf)

High Energy Spectrometry & Timing File Formats

  • CAL/GEN/92-002: "The Calibration Requirements for Spectral Analysis." (html, pdf)
    (A description of the RMF & ARF OGIP file formats; published in Legacy, 2, 51.)
  • CAL/GEN/92-002a: "The Calibration Requirements for Spectral Analysis (Addendum)" (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/92-007: "The OGIP Spectral File Format" (html, pdf)
    • The OGIP Spectral File Format Addendum: Changes log (OGIP/92-007a) (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/92-009: "The XSPEC Table Model File Format" (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/96-001: "The Format for WMAPs in Spectral Files" (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/93-003: "The Proposed Timing FITS File Format for High Energy Astrophysics Data" (html, pdf)

General Instrumental Calibration Files

  • CAL/GEN/92-019: "The HEASARC format for Effective Areas" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-020: "The HEASARC format for Radial PSF datasets" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-021: "The HEASARC format for Vignetting Functions" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-022: "The HEASARC format for Obscuration Factor datasets" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-024: "The HEASARC format for Filter & Window Transmissions" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/GEN/92-027: "The HEASARC format for 2D (image) PSF datasets" (html, pdf)

CALDB Software Documentation

  • CAL/SW/95-002: "HEASARC CALDB Access Subroutines" (html, pdf) Updated 2006-08-21
  • CAL/SW/93-005: "Summary of CALLIB Routines" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/SW/93-004: "Summary of CALTOOLS Tasks" (html, pdf)
  • OGIP/92-012: "The OGIP FORTRAN Programming Standard" (html, pdf)
  • CAL/SW/93-018: "How to Install Callib & Caltools software" (html, pdf)

Data Delivery

In Progress

  • CAL/GEN/2004-001: "Specifying the Location of Defects in Charge Coupled Devices: The BADPIX File Format" (pdf)

Also see the HEASARC FITS File Format Recommendations

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