Mandatory Calibration File Keywords defined by the HEASARC

Calibration data to be incorporated into the HEASARC calibration database are FITS formatted files (generally images or binary tables or some combination). The following keywords need to be added to the headers of all extensions of calibration datasets meant to be part of the HEASARC Calibration Database. These keywords represent the minimum amount of information necessary in order to create a calibration index file for the given dataset.

Please see CAL/GEN/92-011, "Required and Recommended FITS keywords for Calibration Files" (available as html or pdf) for additional details.

Calibration File KeywordDescriptionIndex File Column Name
TELESCOPThe name of the satellite or mission. Allowed Values are given in OGIP/93-013 TELESCOPE
INSTRUMEName of the instrument. Allowed values given in OGIP/93-013 INSTRUME
DETNAMName of the detector. Only applicable if INSTRUME value is ambiguous. Values given in OGIP/93-013 DETNAM
FILTERName of the filter in use, if applicableFILTER
CCLSmmmmHEASARC class of the calibration file (PCF, BCF, CPF, USR) CAL_CLAS
CDTPmmmmDistinguishes "real" (DATA) or "virtual" (TASK) calibration informationCAL_DTYP
CCNMmmmmContents Descriptor. See the CAL_CNAM Dictionary or Appendix A of CAL/GEN/92-011 for defined values.CAL_CNAM
CBDnmmmmParameter limits for a given calibration dataset. Syntax is defined in Section B.3 of CAL/GEN/92-011CAL_CBD
CVSDmmmmDate (UTC) after which calibration dataset can be usedCAL_VSD
CVSTmmmmTime (UTC) of day on specified CVSDmmmm after which calibration dataset can be usedCAL_VST
CDESmmmmDescriptive summary of calibration datasetCAL_DESC