The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) is the primary archive for NASA's (and other space agencies') missions studying electromagnetic radiation from extremely energetic cosmic phenomena ranging from black holes to the Big Bang. Since its merger with the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA) in 2008, the HEASARC archive contains data obtained by high-energy astronomy missions observing in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV), X-ray, and gamma-ray bands, as well as data from space missions, balloons, and ground-based facilities that have studied the relic cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation in the sub-mm, mm and cm bands.

The HEASARC is a member of the NASA Astronomical Virtual Observatories (NAVO) where we work with other NASA archives to ensure comprehensive and consistent VO access to NASA mission datasets. Users may now query the HEASARC's catalogs using VO-enabled services and specialized tools. This page describes how to get to the HEASARC VO-enabled services and provides information on other HEASARC VO activities.

Latest News
  • HEASoft 6.24 Released (24 Apr 2018)
    Released April 24, 2018. This release includes important bug fixes in the CFITSIO library, improvements to the NICER analysis software, improved support for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, and other enhancements and fixes
  • XAMIN updated (24 Apr 2018)
    The HEASARC XAMIN archive interface was updated to version 5.1 (1450/3907) on April 23. This version re-instates the "save to hera" functionality for on-line analysis of archived data using the Web Hera interface.
  • DS9 Updated to Version 7.6 (24 Apr 2018)
    DS9 Version 7.6 was released on April 17. This version includes a new Windows 32/64 bit port, a new MacOS High Sierra port, support for HTTPS, and other improvements
  • NICER in the News: Mushroom Clouds on Neutron Stars (23 Apr 2018)
    NICER was featured in an on-line publication by LiveScience on the ability to study photospheric radius expansion bursts, or "mushroom clouds" occurring on neutron stars.
  • CFITSIO Version 3.44 released (19 Apr 2018)
    Version 3.44 released April, 2018 to enhance security. CFITSIO users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 3.44...
  • NuSTAR Cycle 4 Results (19 Apr 2018)
    The list of NuSTAR targets accepted by the Cycle 4 peer review is now available. Cycle 4 observations will start to be routinely performed on June 1, 2018. Written evaluations will be sent to all NuSTAR Cycle 4 PIs in the next few weeks.

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