The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) is the primary archive for NASA's (and other space agencies') missions studying electromagnetic radiation from extremely energetic cosmic phenomena ranging from black holes to the Big Bang. Since its merger with the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA) in 2008, the HEASARC archive contains not only data obtained by high-energy astronomy missions observing in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV), X-ray, and gamma-ray bands, but also data from space missions, balloons, and ground-based facilities that have studied the relic cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation in the sub-mm, mm and cm bands.

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Enter positions, times, missions, etc to query the HEASARC database.

Try ROSAT 3c273 1d to get ROSAT data within one degree of 3c273 or chanmaster bii>80 status='archived' to get archived Chandra Observations data near the north galactic pole.

Note: For more than one target or when using any qualifier other than a mission , use quotes around targets that have embedded white space.(e.g., 'ar lac').

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Latest News
  • Scientific mission of Suzaku declared complete (28 Aug 2015)
    JAXA has announced that it is abandoning its heroic effort to recover Suzaku, and declared the mission complete.
  • XMM-Newton AO-15 Proposals are Solicited: Due by October 9th (25 Aug 2015)
    The XMM-Newton Call for Observing Proposals, soliciting Guest Observing proposals for the 15th cycle (AO-15) observing program for ESA's X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton), has been released by ESA today. This Announcement of Opportunity solicits proposals for observations to be performed during a 12-month period commencing in May 2016.
  • XMM-Newton AO-15 Solicitation Released (25 Aug 2015)
    XMM-Newton observing proposals are solicited in response to the Fourteenth Announcement of Opportunity.
  • NuSTAR COSMOS Field X-Ray Source Catalog (24 Aug 2015)
    This catalog listing the 3-24 keV properties of 91 sources detected by NuSTAR in 121 observations totalling 3 Ms in a 1.7 sq. deg. region of the COSMOS field, 87 of which have Chandra and/or XMM counterparts (from Civano et al. 2015, ApJ, 808, 185) is now available in Browse and Xamin.
  • X-Raying the Tumultuous Heart of Our Galaxy (24 Aug 2015)
    A new image of powerful remnants of dead stars and their mighty action on the surrounding gas from ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory reveals some of the most intense processes taking place in the central 1.5 degrees of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Inter alia, newly discovered extended features, such as SNRs, superbubbles and X-ray filaments are reported in this new study by Ponti et al. (2015, MNRAS, 453, 172).
  • Sixth International Fermi Symposium Abstract and Regular Registration Deadline is Near (20 Aug 2015)
    The 6th International Fermi Symposium will be held in Washington, DC from Nov 9-13, 2015. This meeting will focus on the scientific investigations and results enabled by Fermi, the mission and instrument characteristics, future opportunities, and coordinated observations and analyses. The registration and abstract submission deadline is Sep 14, while the late registration deadline is Oct 30.

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