TESS mission

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a two-year survey that will discover exoplanets in orbit around bright stars.

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Proposing science

The TESS Guest Investigator Program is an annual call where scientists can propose new observations and receive funding and support.

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Data access

Access data, documentation, data analysis software, and find information on the follow-up observing program.

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News for scientists

Update on TESS pointing in Year 2

TESS will observe the northern ecliptic hemisphere during the second year of its primary mission. The cameras will be oriented along a line of ecliptic longitude (as they were in Year 1), with that longitude determined by the anti-solar longitude at the mid-point of the sector. For most of Year ...

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Upcoming TESS Conferences

The first year of TESS' prime mission will be completed in July, but the science is just beginning. Two conferences are being held in July on TESS science, and it is not too late to register for them!

The first is the TASC5/KASC12 workshop, being held in Cambridge, MA ...

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TESS pointing during Year 2

During certain sectors of Year 2, the Earth and/or Moon are very close to or inside the pre-planned fields-of-view of cameras 1 and 2 for long periods, reducing the number of days useful for transit detections by those two cameras to as few as 7-10 days per sector. The ...

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