TESS mission

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a two-year survey that will discover exoplanets in orbit around bright stars.

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Proposing science

The TESS Guest Investigator Program is an annual call where scientists can propose new observations and receive funding and support.

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Data access

Access data, documentation, data analysis software, and find information on the follow-up observing program.

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News for scientists

Announcement of the TESS Extended Mission

After TESS completes its 2-year prime mission in July 2020, TESS will officially be continuing operations as part of an extended mission! TESS will continue scanning the sky in the extended mission for transiting exoplanets and other transients. As part of this extended mission, Guest Investigator proposals will continue to ...

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Update on pointing for Sector 16

TESS has been successfully conducting observations in the northern ecliptic hemisphere since July 18th. As previously announced, the field-of-view of the TESS camera array was shifted north by 31° with respect to its nominal pointing in Sectors 14 and 15 in order to reduce the impact of scattered light from ...

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Update on TESS pointing in Year 2

TESS will observe the northern ecliptic hemisphere during the second year of its primary mission. The cameras will be oriented along a line of ecliptic longitude (as they were in Year 1), with that longitude determined by the anti-solar longitude at the mid-point of the sector. For most of Year ...

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