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This page provides news updates to help the scientific community propose targets for TESS and analyze TESS data. These updates will be transmitted by email exploder at non-regular intervals. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to receive the latest news.

TESS Weekly Bulletin: April 12th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: April 1st
TESS Weekly Bulletin: Match 18th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: Match 12th
A “Beta” Trial of Quick-Look TESS Orbit Data: Early Release of Sector 35 Orbit 1 Calibrated Full Frame Images
TESS Weekly Bulletin: Match 1st
TESS Weekly Bulletin: February 19th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: February 12th
TESS Science Conference II
TESS Weekly Bulletin: February 5th
2020: A year in review
TESS Weekly Bulletin: January 25th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: January 22nd
TESS Weekly Bulletin: January 8th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: December 23rd
TESS Weekly Bulletin: December 14th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: November 20th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: November 13th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: November 5th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: October 30th
Cycle 4 Proposal Deadline January 22
TESS Weekly Bulletin: October 23rd
TESS Weekly Bulletin: October 5th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: October 1st
First TESS Extended Mission now available
Talks and posters wanted for AAS Special Session on Mining TESS Data
TESS Weekly Bulletin: September 25th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: September 18th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: September 11th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: August 31st
TESS Weekly Bulletin: August 19th
Sector 27 and 28 20-second cadence target lists
The TESS Extended Mission
TESS Weekly Bulletin: August 12th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: July 29th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: July 20th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: July 13th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: July 6th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: June 29th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: June 23th
TESS Weekly Bulletin: June 12th
Reprocessed TESS data coming soon
Fifth TESS Weekly Bulletin
Cycle 3 selected programs announced
Fourth TESS Weekly Bulletin
Third TESS Weekly Bulletin
Second TESS Weekly Bulletin
First TESS Weekly Bulletin
Replacement of Sectors 20 and 21 data
April 18th marks the two year anniversary of TESS in space
New Support Scientist on the GI team
Record number of TESS GI proposals received
TESS activities at AAS
Volunteer to review TESS proposals
Updates on Cycle 3 Guest Investigator Program
Update on pointing for Sectors 24, 25, and 26
Full-frame image release cadence survey
Update on TESS data availability at MAST
Cycle 3 Guest Investigator announcement
We want your newsworthy results for AAS
Announcement of the TESS Extended Mission
Update on pointing for Sector 16
All TESS Cycle 1 data available at MAST
Update on TESS pointing in Year 2
Upcoming TESS Conferences
Guest Investigator Program Cycle 2 results available
TESS Input Catalog Version 8 (TIC-8) is now available at MAST
TESS pointing during Year 2
HST-TESS Advisory Committee Call for White Papers
ARK/RPS submission page now open
Guest Investigator Program Cycle 2 deadline now March 14
TESS Sessions at the AAS Meeting January 2019
Sector 1 and 2 data now available at MAST
Web TESS Viewing Tool updated for Cycle 2
TESS Sector 1 and 2 data to be available on December 6
Data from first two TESS Observation Sectors to be released in early December
TESS Science Support Center is hiring
Preliminary Target Pixel Files from TESS Object of Interest Alerts Now Public at MAST
TESS Special Session at Winter AAS
Sector 3 Guest Investigator target lists available
Sector 1 data are being processed and validated
Sector 2 GI target list available
Changes in the TESS team at Goddard
First TESS downlink successfully completed
Sector 1 preliminary GI target list available
TESS Spacecraft Starts Science Operations
NASA’s TESS spacecraft continues testing prior to first observations
TESS Input Catalog Updated
TESS successfully completes lunar flyby
TESS commissioning nominal and on track for lunar encounter
Three-body dynamics in the TESS orbit
Successful TESS launch
TESS launch today!
Watch the launch
TESS simulated data available
TESS arrives at Kennedy Space Center and updated launch date
TESS Highlights at AAS 231
Guest Investigator Program Cycle 1 results available
TESS Input Catalog Version 6 (TIC-6) is now online at MAST
TESS team at AAS 231
Proposal submission now closed
Release of TESS cool dwarf catalog
Target list pointers
Cycle 1 proposal deadline change
Release of Web TESS Target Tool
Release of a software tool to calculate TESS magnitudes and noise level
Increase in target allocation for GI Program
TESS to observe bright stars at 2-min cadence
TESS-HERMES catalog of spectroscopic stellar parameters is now available
Cycle 1 proposal template available
TESS Guest Investigator Cycle 1 proposal submission page open
TESS Passes Critical Review
Error in a small number of TIC v5 surface gravities
ExoFOP-TESS now online
TESS Guest Investigator Cycle 1 released
TESS Science Support Center at KepSciCon
TESS team at AAS 230
TESS Observatory Guide now available
Volunteer to review proposals
Tell us about the software tool and data products you would like
Space hardware development and going well
Development of new TESS website

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