TESS Science Conference II

News article posted on by Rebekah Hounsell

Hello TESS followers! We are excited to announce the TESS Science Conference II, which is scheduled for August 2nd - 6th 2021.

This conference will occur at the beginning of the 2nd year of the extended mission, and during TESS's 4th year overall. The conference will be dedicated to all aspects of the TESS mission, including data analysis of 20-second and 2-minute pixel stamps and the 10-minute and 30-minute full frame images, in addition to the wide range of science done with TESS data.

The conference is being designed to run entirely online. A final decision on whether the conference will have any in-person activities is expected to be made by the end of March.

Deadlines for this conference are listed below;

  • Mid-March (exact date TBD): Open registration.
  • March 26th: Splinter session abstract deadline (11:59pm PST).
  • April 30: Talks and posters abstract deadline (11:59pm PST).
  • June 4th: Announcement of the program.
  • August 2nd: The first day of the conference.

For any questions please email: tsc2@mit.edu