Approved Guest Investigator programs

This page details the programs for execution by TESS as part of the Guest Investigator program.

The target lists are posted on this page as soon as the team has prepared the final target list for upload to the spacecraft, which happens 1-2 weeks before the start of a sector.

You can click on the title of each program to read a summary of the research objectives.

Cycle 1

Cycle 1 contains all targets proposed through the Guest Investigator program for the first year of the TESS mission. All programs are to observe sources in the Southern Ecliptic hemisphere.

Approved Cycle 1 programs

Click on the title to view the abstract.
Program PI Title Type
G011047 Basu, Sarbani Investigating The Evolution Of Helium Large
G011103 Hartman, Joel Difference Imaging Of Star Clusters At Low Galactic Latitude Large
G011160 Huber, Daniel Light Curves From TESS Full-Frame Images Large
G011180 Dressing, Courtney Differential Planet Occurrence Rates For Cool Dwarfs Large
G011188 Pinsonneault, Marc All-Sky Galactic Archeology With Tess Large
G011200 Van Saders, Jennifer Stellar Surface Rotation, Angular Momentum Evolution, And Magnetism In Tess Large
G011237 Montet, Benjamin Performing The Most Comprehensive Exoplanet Survey Of The Southern Sky With TESS Full Frame Images Large
G011280 Rizzuto, Aaron Planet Formation At 10-20 Myr After Formation Large
G011098 Wehrle, Ann The Brightest Blazars Small
G011100 Schnittman, Jeremy Darkness In Our Midst: Self-Lensing Search For Black Holes And Neutron Stars In The Local Stellar Neighborhood Small
G011108 Dawson, Rebekah Detection And Prioritization Of Warm Jupiters Small
G011112 Southworth, John A TESS Legacy Project: High-Precision Light Curves Of The Known Transiting Planetary Systems Small
G011113 Hermes, JJ White Dwarf Variability In The Ecliptic South Small
G011128 Czesla, Stefan Testing The Planet Hypothesis Of CVSO 30 B Small
G011130 Maxted, Pierre Tess Asteroseismology Of The Eclipsing Subgiant AI Phe Small
G011133 Pinsonneault, Marc Subgiants As Precision Tests Of Angular Momentum Evolution Small
G011153 Pineda, J. Sebastian Exploring The Variability Of Ultracool Dwarfs With Tess Small
G011155 Huber, Daniel Halo Photometry Of Naked-Eye Stars With Tess Small
G011163 Buzasi, Derek Revisiting The Past: B Star Asteroseismology With Tess Small
G011170 Douglas, Stephanie Constraining Stellar Rotational Evolution At The Zams Small
G011175 Mann, Andrew Searching For Infant Exoplanets In Young Moving Groups Small
G011183 Kane, Stephen Tess Observations Of Known Exoplanet Host Stars Small
G011190 Endl, Michael Planets Around Early-Type Stars: A TESS Search For Transiting Planets Around Lambda Bootis Stars Small
G011197 Agueros, Marcel No Longer On The Margins: Completing The Rotational Census Of Low-Mass Hyads With Tess Small
G011214 Bakos, Gaspar Tess Observations Of Transiting Planet Candidates From HAT Small
G011215 Berta-Thompson, Zachory Tools To Generate Variability Finder Charts Small
G011216 Dittmann, Jason Probing The Potential High Energy Environment In TheGJ1132 And LHS 1140 Systems Small
G011219 Ryan, Erin Understanding Giant Planet Migration In Our Solar System Small
G011221 Muirhead, Philip The Mass-Radius-Luminosity-Rotation Relation For M Dwarfs Determined From TESS Eclipsing Binaries Small
G011229 Pepper, Joshua Precovery Of Orbital Periods For TESS Single Transits With Kelt Small
G011231 Winters, Jennifer Legacy Light Curves Of A Volume-Complete Sample Of The Nearby Mid-To-Late M Dwarfs With Tess Small
G011264 Davenport, James Superflare Rates In GKM Stars With Tess Small
G011268 Scaringi, Simone Testing Self-Similar Accretion-Driven Variability In Compact Interacting Binaries Small
G011273 Metchev, Stanimir Ultra-Cool Dwarfs Viewed Equator-On: Surveying The Best Host Stars For Biosignature Detection In Transiting Exoplanets Small
G011285 Cody, Ann Marie A TESS Monitoring Survey Of Young Intermediate-Mass Stars Small
G011291 Quintana, Elisa Searching For Planets In The Continuous Viewing Zone With TESS Full Frame Image Data Small
G011294 Vanderburg, Andrew Disintegrating Rocky Bodies Transiting White Dwarfs: The Key To Understanding Exoplanet Compositions Small
G011299 Airapetian, Vladimir Evolving Magnetic Lives Of Young Suns Small