Guest Investigator Program Cycle 1 results available

News article posted on by Tom Barclay

The selection of TESS Guest Investigator Program Cycle 1 proposals has been finalized. A full list of selected programs is available. TESS is scheduled to launch by the end of March. If this schedule holds, science operation will begin at the start of June, with the first data reaching the archive at the beginning of December. Grants will be released when data is publicly available.

The over-subscription factor for this program was extremely high (4.5). Many highly rated programs were not able to be selected for funding. However, we have good news. All full-frame-image data will be released publicly with no exclusive use period.

Furthermore, we anticipate that the number of executed 2-minute cadence target programs will significantly exceed the number that we were able to fund. Therefore, even though a particular program may not have been selected for funding there is still a good chance that it will be either partially for full executed.

We anticipate that target lists for the first sector to be available within a few weeks of launch. When available, we will make that information available.