TESS-HERMES catalog of spectroscopic stellar parameters is now available

News article posted on by Elisa Quintana

A catalog of spectroscopic stellar parameters for stars in the TESS southern continuous viewing zone (CVZ) is now available and may prove a useful resource for TESS GI proposal preparation. Data taken by the High Efficiency and Resolution Multi-Element Spectrograph (HERMES) at the Anglo-Australian Telescope, as part of the TESS-HERMES survey, provides temperature, surface gravity, and metalicity for about 16,000 dwarf and subgiant stars with magnitudes 10<V<13.1, along with Bayesian estimates of stellar properties (distance, extinction, mass, radius, and age) using theoretical isochrones. Stellar surface gravity and radius are made available for an additional set of roughly 8,500 red giants. The TESS-HERMES catalog has identified over a hundred cool dwarfs that were flagged as giant stars in the TESS Input Catalog (TIC).

The TESS-HERMES survey website provides links to the catalog (.csv and .fits) and tables describing the content of the catalogs. An article describing the survey (Sharma et al. 2017) can be found on the arxiv.

We thank Sanjib Sharma, Dennis Stello, and the HERMES team for their hard work in making this resource available in time for GI Cycle 1.