TESS Input Catalog Version 6 (TIC-6) is now online at MAST

News article posted on by Elisa Quintana

The TESS Input Catalot Version 6 (TIC-6) is now available at MAST. This includes access via the MAST portal, using CasJobs, and bulk downloads. The MAST TESS page has all the information.

The live TIC-6 Data Release Notes provide information on the changes from TIC Version 5 (TIC-5). Documentation on the content of the TIC can be found here. Note this documentation is specific to TIC Version 5 (TIC-5), so please refer to the release notes for the most up-to-date documentation.

Questions can be sent to our help desk.

Thanks to the TESS Target Selection Working Group and TESS team members for their hard work in making this resource available! Also thanks to Scott Fleming and the team at MAST for supporting the archiving and documentation of the TIC catalogs.