TESS simulated data available

News article posted on by Elisa Quintana

TESS simulated data is now available to the public at the MAST's TESS data page. There you will find information on the data products, how the data products were created, and how to access the data.

The simulated data, called ETE-6 (End-To-End 6) was created by TESS team members from NASA Ames and MIT to test the TESS ground system. This synthetic data contains 1 sector (slightly longer than two orbits) of TESS data and is meant to reflect what the archival data products will look like when produced for actual flight data.

ETE-6 includes samples of the following data products: Uncalibrated FFI's Calibrated FFI's Extracted Light Curves (The simulated 2-min cadence data consist of 20,610 cadences) Target Pixel Files Data Validation Files Cotrending Basis Vectors Collateral Target Pixel Files Models (Huffman tables, Mean Black table, flat-field, read-noise, linearity, gain, etc.)

The data inlude injected signals to mimic transiting planets, eclipsing binaries, and stellar variability in 15,000 target stars selected for 2-minute cadence observations. Note these injected signals were designed to test the sensitivity of the NASA Ames planet search pipeline and does not represent what is expected in the actual data.

A README file is available at MAST and contains information on how these products were created and their caveats. More detailed information on the data products can be found in the TESS Science Data Products Description.

These data will allow the astronomical community to develop software and tools, and follow-up observation strategies, in anticipation for actual data, which is expected to be delivered to the MAST within 6 months of the start of science operations.

More information on TESS can be found at the MAST TESS homepage.