TESS Science Conference II - Splinter Session

News article posted on by Rebekah Hounsell

Welcome TESS followers!

Just a reminder that next week is the TESS Science Conference II, which will run from the 2nd of August through to the 6th. This is a virtual meeting with the opening reception on August 1st: 19:00 - 21:00 UT, 15:00 - 17:00 EDT. The program for this meeting contains posters, talks, and splinter sessions.

A TESS GI splinter session discussing the tools and tutorials available for analyzing TESS data will occur on August 4th at 9:30-10:30 EDT. Below you will find materials that will help you prepare for the session should you wish to attend.

TESS fact sheet Download This fact sheet provides an introduction to TESS and Lightkurve.
An introduction to TESS data Download In this tutorial, we teach the user how to search for, download, and create TESS light curves.
Noise removal tutorial Download In this tutorial, we introduce the user to the Corrector class. We use these correctors to remove scattered light and noise from our data.
Correcting for crowding Download In this tutorial, we examine crowding of targets and how to correct for it.

Note that the session will focus on the removal of noise and scattered light from various TESS data products. However, we plan to run the session more like a workshop in which you, the user, can ask us questions about TESS data and its reduction. If you are having problems reducing data or would like some help with a specific TESS issue, this is the place to ask.

We hope to see you there!