TESS Cycle 6 selections

News article posted on by Rebekah Hounsell

Hello and welcome TESS followers to this special news bulletin! Here we will discuss the results of the Cycle 6 proposal season.

The Cycle 6 review was held earlier this year in late May, with over 100 proposals submitted, seven of which being joint proposals. Of these proposals 2 were Key, 13 were large, 93 small, and 11 mini. These proposals were split into one of four fields: Exoplanet (40), Stellar Astrophysics (40), Accretion and Extragalactic (15), and Ground-based Focused (24). The proposals were then assessed by one of six panels.

In total 41 proposals were accepted, two of which were joint programs with Swift or NICER. The scientific breakdown of these proposals were as follows:

Accepted Proposals

Category Exoplanet Stellar Astrophysics

Accretion and Extragalactic
Solar System
Key 1 0 0 0
Large 1 1 1 1
Small 8 21 2 0
Mini 1 4 0 0
Total: 11 26 3 1

Our approved programs page provides the full list of accepted Cycle 6 proposals.

Congratulations to all successful PI's and Co-I's! To those of you who did not receive acceptance letters this time round, we strongly encourage you to apply again in the future. Thank you all for the wonderful science proposed, it is through your hard work that the TESS mission is a success.