Is your TESS research result news-worthy?

Media support

NASA can provide media support that can help amplify your results so that they reach a wide audience. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Astrophysics Division Communications Team has extensive experience creating press products based on results: from coordinating and writing web features and press releases, producing supporting videos, and commissioning animations, and even planning a press event if the result is significant enough.

TESS Media Coverage Request

Submit a TESS Media Coverage Request for media support consideration. The team needs an adequate heads up of your coming results, about six weeks in most cases. Please consider submitting a media request at the same time you submit a paper for publication, and before submitting it to a preprint server (like arXiv).

Sample (partial) page from NASA Goddard's TESS Media Coverage Request online form.

A copy of this form will be emailed to the Goddard's Astrophysics Division Communications Team Leadership: Amber Straughn, Claire Saravia, Frank Reddy, Barb Mattson, and Jeanette Kazmierczak. If a paper is associated with this submission, please also send a current draft of your paper to TESS' Media Contact Claire Saravia, Office of Communications.